FANT has had 11,236 audiences and more than 60 performances

FANT The Fantastic Film Festival of Bilbao has completed 11.236 viewers with the 25th edition, that is, in 2018 5% more, without counting on the anniversary exhibitions. The Bilbao City Council celebrates its eight-year-old Festival continuously, programmed for both the hours and the cinema venues with regard to the number of viewers.

According to Bilbao City Council, organized by the 25th edition Over 60 performancesfrom the Irish film Lee Cronin, "The Hole in The Ground", which won the Official Section, and was almost complete in the world premiere of David Martin Porras' The Chain.

As usual, the opening ceremonies at the Campos theater, the international shorts and the auditorium at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao End events about 95% entry they sold; At the end of the ceremony, the FANTASTIC Star Award was awarded to the Catalan filmmaker J. A. Bayona.

The main leap in this edition Prefant programIt has been part of the activities of the organizers. On the occasion of the 25th edition of the Festival, pre-releases, conferences, book presentations, special screenings and filmmakers gathered in January. Thus, more than 2,700 people participated in activities organized from January to May, three times more than in previous editions.

In this way, they have emphasized the premiere of the screening of '70 Binladens' by Koldo Serra, with 512 audiences. They also met the premiere of the premiere of 'Destroyer'. Some of these activities are carried out in collaboration with other festivals (Loraldia, Animakom, Zinegoak) and other institutions of the city (Caostica, Azkuna Center) in order to reach more and more audiences.

They also wanted to present their films in Bilbao more filmmakers and actors have been in this edition. Thus, Lee Cronin, David Martín Porras, Jon Mikel Caballero, Joe Penna, or Carolina Hellsgärd Hall attended the press and with the audience, as well as all the filmmakers who competed in the Fantastic Panorama section, with some actors and in this edition, Jack Taylor, Guillermo de Oliveira, Fred Dekker and JA Bayona.

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