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Belarus bids farewell to Roman Bandarenka on Friday, who lost his life after being arrested and placed in a police detention center. Criminal proceedings have been instituted against doctors and journalists who have investigated and reported on the circumstances of Bandarenka’s death. Meanwhile, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has made personnel changes in his power structures, in particular to take care of maintaining public order in Minsk, as well as to deal with the rebellious Yankee Kupala Theater.

Belarus bids farewell to opposition activist Bandarenka killed in protestsUģis Lībietis

Chanting the phrase “Rome, you are the hero!”, Thousands gathered in Minsk on Friday at the Church of the Resurrection of Christ to accompany Roman Bandarenka in the last course. The 31-year-old man died on November 12 at the hospital after being beaten and taken to the Ministry of the Interior’s detention center the day before in the yard of his house, the so-called “Square of Change”. He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and could not save his life.

Although the militia initially stated that the man had been under the influence of alcohol, a doctor’s report was revealed, in which the information was overturned.

The death of Roman Bandarenka has provoked strong condemnation, both in Belarusian society and outside Belarus, and it is precisely this murder that has served as a basis for European leaders to decide more quickly on the strengthening of sanctions against Belarus. However, the Belarusian authorities do not intend to stop.

For example, the Prosecutor General’s Office has initiated a criminal case for disclosing a doctor’s secret and disseminating unreliable information about Bandarenka’s death.

Law enforcement officers have also visited the Internet resource “tut.by” correspondent Katerina Boriseviča, who was preparing materials on the circumstances of Bandarenka’s death. Borisevich was taken to the remand center.

Noting the need to strengthen public order, Lukashenko on Thursday made personnel changes in the power structures. Yuri Nazarenko has been appointed the new commander of the public order militia, who emphasized that the militia has all the means to strengthen order: “The head of state has set a task to guarantee public safety in the capital Minsk and other regions of the country. The public security militia now has all the necessary forces and means with which we can influence the protests that take place both in the capital and in the regions. “

The appointment of a new Minister of Culture has also come as a surprise to many. Anatolijs Markevičs, who previously had nothing to do with the cultural sphere, has become the new minister.

According to Lukashenko, such a person also needs to clear up, among other things, the rebellious Yanka Kupala Theater, which was once also run by one of the current opposition leaders, Pavel Latuško.

Lukashenko explained: “This is the national theater. The face of the country. I’ve done everything to turn it into candy. I control the footage so that there are normal people, young people and so on. And then came one villain. He prayed there and swore allegiance to the state, his homeland and the president. And what has happened to this whole troupe? Why do I say that? We will leave, but this stain of shame will remain in the history of the Belarusian people. That is why we need a patriot, a man who loves his country, who will put order there. I will stand right behind you. However, it is unacceptable that we in the country have such an attitude of cultural workers and leaders towards the state. You can and must have an opinion, but you must not break the law. ”

As for the state authorities, the Belarusian media report that more and more employees are being fired in support of the protest campaign. For example, almost 50 people were laid off from Belaruskali during the day alone.


Mass protests continue in Belarus against the falsification of the results of the 9 August presidential election. According to official results, the current authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko won 80.1% of the voteswhile opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovska only 10.1%. However, the opposition, based on evidence of unprecedented violations, claims that these results are falsified.

Election results has also refused to recognize the EU and other western countries, and the European Union (EU) refuses to recognize Lukashenko as President of Belarus.

Belarusian society has been shocked by the death of a severely beaten Minsk. Men dressed in masks, considered by activists to be OMON employees in civilian clothes, attacked a 31-year-old on the evening of November 12. Ramanam Bandarenkam, who had come out of the yard of his house at the so – called “Square of Change”.

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