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Education Minister Heinz Faßmann commented on “ZiB 2”, which is waiting for the 1.4 million school-age children. The date of graduation should be kept.

Criticism of the opposition that education minister Faßmann raised more questions than answers with his school regulation in the Corona crisis, he wiped off ORF moderator Armin Wolf right from the start: If the opposition could say when the number of infected go back, then you have clarity. Since nobody can say this now, planning from day to day and week to week is necessary.

The crisis could, but need not, continue for months. “If there is discipline to comply with the government’s measures, it will go back faster. The way it continues depends on our discipline,” said Faßmann. However, he could not yet say whether school operations could be restarted before summer.

“Must be credible as a Matura”

But Faßmann wants to adhere to the Matura date: The written central Matura should start in the week from May 18th. “This is our target date, even if it depends on the development of infection until then,” said Faßmann. So the date is not set in stone. And if the appointment doesn’t work? A suspension or the old school leaving certificate regulation is currently out of the question: “It remains with the central school leaving certificate.”

Regarding suggestions such as average grades or another form of evaluation, Faßmann says: “We have to see that we have a Matura here that is credible as a Matura. The student representatives also said that they did not want to have an emergency Matura.” Faßmann cannot guarantee that no one should stay seated either: “Everyone will do their final grade, we also have enough scope to give reviews. I cannot say which grade will come out.”

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“There will be graduation classes”

Discussible, but problematic is the option to bring the summer vacation forward and to start school again in August. Here one has to keep in mind that parents could work in systemically relevant professions and would then be left without childcare, said Faßmann. Cancellation fees for summer vacations that have already been booked are also a problem. “Let’s see that this school year comes to an end,” said Faßmann.

Faßmann has largely assessed e-learning positively after the two-week implementation. However, the minister admits that one has to look specifically at how one can reach people who are not so easily accessible through the new form of learning. These households would also have to be better equipped technologically. But these students should not have to worry either: “We will ensure that there are final grades.”

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