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FC Bayern – Longer than Pep – Sport

The Munich extend the
Contract with trainer Hansi Flick until 2023. The negotiations were also about
how much say Flick will have in the future in transfers – he should
have not negotiated badly.

Why they appreciate Hansi Flick so much at FC Bayern Munich, not only as a coach, but also as people, was evident on the evening when the coach probably suspected that he could work with the team in the long term. At the end of February, at the banquet after the 3-0 in the round of 16 of the Champions League at Chelsea, CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Flick had given a ballpoint pen for his 55th birthday (“with Bayern Munich people sometimes sign papers”) – since then clear that the club wants to extend with Flick. And flick? At an advanced hour he was watching how he supplied his table with drinks. He just remains himself, a caring carer.

Less than five and a half weeks later, Flick has now signed his new contract, possibly even with the gift pen. “In good and trusting talks,” as it said in the message from late Friday afternoon, the club had extended its cooperation with the coach until the summer of 2023. “FC Bayern is very satisfied with Hansi Flick’s work,” Rummenigge is quoted as saying, “The team has developed very well under him and is playing attractive football, which is also reflected in the results.” Bayern are leaders in the table, they are in the DFB Cup semi-finals, and with 3-0 at Chelsea they had the best chance of reaching the quarter-finals of the Champions League before the break caused by the Corona crisis. Flick said: “Together we have set the course for the coming years. I am sure that we can achieve a lot together.”

It was no secret even before the gifted pen that the club would like to extend with Flick. Finally, the negotiations were also supposed to be about how much say Flick has in transfer questions. Of course, the club kept silent about this in its message, but two things indicate that the coach should not have negotiated badly. On the one hand the sentence about the “alignment” – but also the almost surprisingly long contract period of three more years. If Flick stayed in Munich as long as a coach, he would have endured this job longer than Pep Guardiola. Rummenigge would also have liked to extend the 2016 season with the Catalan – and yet it is an astonishing development for a man who came as an assistant in the summer without any experience as the head coach of a Bundesliga team.

Flick, who became world champion as assistant to national coach Joachim Löw in 2014, should support the then Bayern coach Niko Kovac, especially with his expertise in tactical questions. Back then Kovac had a tough time, he had many critics on the team – after his leave of absence, Flick took over in the fall. For two games, it was said first, then for a few weeks, then until Christmas, and then at the end of December: until summer. Flick adhered to these agreements “loyally and disciplined, that’s a quality,” Hasan Salihamidzic is quoted in the message. The sports director, who will be promoted to sports director in the summer, added: “Hansi and I know in which direction we want to develop the team.” And Oliver Kahn, the new board member of the club, said: “Hansi was a player at FC Bayern, he was an assistant coach. Now he is permanently head coach. That’s a good way.”

Especially in relation to Salihamidzic, it had been shown how quickly Flick gained stature as a Bayern coach. He is still caring, one who not only provides the players with precise tactical announcements, but also with human warmth. But he is also one who knows what he wants – and is not afraid to fight for it. In January, for example, he had requested access, only internally, at some point in public – Salihamidzic, on the other hand, had always emphasized that while he was observing the market, he was also satisfied with the squad. Only loaner Álvaro Odriozola came, but it was still a small success for Flick in the showdown with Salihamidzic. And it cannot be assumed that Flick will fight for its own ideas less clearly in the next transfer periods. The care that characterizes Flick also applies to the football he wants to play.


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