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FC Twente heard the cash ring: “Already credited 1 million euros”

Atmospheric action in De Grolsch Veste for the European match against Hammarby
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FC Twente won 0-3 on Saturday at Riga FC and as a result, the cash register is ringing (again) at the club from Enschede. Leon ten Voorde reports this in his analysis on the Tubantia website.

“FC Twente made the biggest profit on Thursday evening in the financial field. Although the big money can only be earned when they qualify for the group stage, when they reach the play-offs of the Conference League, in any case the club can already add a million euros he writes. “Add to that the prospect of a full Grolsch Veste, because Fenerbahce is a higher crowd magnet, and it can be clear that the residents Enschede also did excellent business outside the aspect of sports in Riga, ” said Ten Voorde, who saw that it became the ‘night of Rock’.

“The right striker, who suffered from a lack of return for a whole season, was also accurate in the return, and again it was a beautiful goal,” he noted. “Last week his goal was a bit compared to how Arjen Robben always had a patent. Rots himself thought it was a bit exaggerated. But on Thursday evening, the name of the former world star appeared again with his goal Rots came from the right and shot the ball in the crossbar in a wonderful way: 0-1.à la Robben. With this goal, after less than an hour of play, Rots guided the FC Twente very hard in victory in the diptych. Here’s what’s next. week should be better than in Riga, was the easiest conclusion of the evening.”

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