«Fear of Disney runs through Hollywood»






It might seem like a strange decision on the part of the Rome Festival, but Bret Easton Ellis [United States, 1964] maintains a long love-hate story with cinema. Four of his best-known novels have been adapted to the big screen – the most celebrated and attacked is «American Psycho», almost two decades ago–, has written several episodes for television series and has produced two feature films: the last one was «The Canyons», for director Paul Schrader. So the great reference of the letters of the Generation X, beyond playing to be a provocateur from his books or his social networks, he also claims himself as a true cinephile. Yesterday he showed that condition in a meeting with the Roman public to talk about his favorite films of the seventies of American cinema, a decade that idolizes.

The author's encounter with ABC occurs after a press conference in which Ellis stepped on all the puddles. In the controversy about Marvel's Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola – both have lashed out at the superhero movie franchise – criticized the soulless movies but remembered that the creator of "The Godfather" has not made a good movie for decades; He also pointed out that he tried to write the film adaptation of "50 shades of gray", which seemed "a very bad book that could become a great movie", to end up being, after the studio did not accept its offer, "a very bad book that became a not very good movie."

Political correction

Ellis, obsessed with the prevailing political correctness, has made a stop in Rome taking advantage of the promotional tour of his new book, "White", a kind of essay about the time we live in that compiles some of his old texts. «I don't know if my book is a solution for political correctness, I don't know if I have answers for you. But what I do know is that, if a word like 'White' is provocative in my country, who has the problem is the person who is bothered by the word, ”he says in reference to the criticism he has received for writing since the "white and privileged man" position. "Why is the word‘ white ’considered so controversial at this time? It shouldn't be, ”he says.

The book recalls some of the controversies in which it has been linked through Twitter – its criticisms of David Foster Wallace or to the director Kathryn Bigelow, for example–, and attacks the so-called "woke culture", spread among certain layers of left-wing public opinion in America. "It is a joke! The 'woke' culture invites you to be aware all the time of things that ultimately have no importance: skin color, sexuality, if you are male or female … And, as you define yourself only by characteristics, a series of grievances that make you a victim go hand in hand with the definition. That's crazy! Many of these victimizations are not happening, they are just a tool to control us, ”he explains.

Worldview «disneyficada»

And yet, the author himself recalls his role as a victim in the public sphere: «I have had to endure criticism all my life. People tend to forget that when 'Less than zero' was published in the United States, back in 1985, it was a hated book. And it has been that way throughout my career. All my books have been controversial. It was even like that before I became a writer. When I was in college and I was teaching writing … people didn't like how I wrote, didn't like what I said, didn't like it my negativity, my violence, my nihilism. And that includes my teachers. What am i going to do? But I have never written to a critic, I have never said anything negative about a criticism. Everyone has their opinion and tastes, and that seems very good to me, ”he reiterates as he hurries his water bottle over and over again.

Now he is obsessed with the world of cinema. In fact, he wants his next book to speak only about the seventh art. «There will always be a need for dark and adult movies», Prediction. «There are exceptions such as ‘Joker’, but in general I think those movies are going to be produced in the television environment. And there is the fear of Disney, who owns everything, owns Hollywood! What Disney He is going to make films that reflect his corporate ethics: without risk, with a lot of turnover, for the whole family, without nudes, without tobacco, without drugs, a vision of the world that will be ney disneyficada ’. This is the fear that runs through Hollywood, and rightly so ».



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