February 15, 2020

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February Win10 1903 and 1909 cumulative update are proving that a desk disappears from

Shortly after Tuesday's huge dumping drop Tuesday, some people reported their desks appeared to have been cleaned when they were relocating after the patch was installed – icons went missing, wallpaper replaced, desktop data not visible.

Last night, Lawrence Abrams came on BleepingComputer with her comprehensive diagnosis:

Based on the reports of the users concerned, it appears that there is a bug in the update KB4532693 loading a temporary profile for use during the update process and not returning the user profile when it is done.

Explain all the properties I have seen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Many people are hiding – their desktop icons are gone, unable to log on to their normal Administration account, and their files are not sure where they left them. Abrams has a little tranquility:

The good news is that the update does not delete your data, but rather rename the original user profile in folder C: Users. If this question affects you, you can view C: Users and see if you have a renamed profile ending in .000 or .bak.

I have seen a number of reports uninstall the KB patch 4532693 solves the problem.

Günter was born the stick up overnight (s.S.) and is made up supportive observation:

I am currently gathering information about the root cause. One user reported that an underlying of 50 machines, everyone using AVIRA affected an antivirus, and that AVIRA was not installed by the other machines without issues. But this is one voice.

Of course, Microsoft has nothing to say. The official Win10 Release Status Information page not updated since November. The Feedback Hub is unused, as usual (try searching for “KB 4532693”)). The official Response Forum has no clue.

So we are back to help Microsoft's crowded patch reports report its multi-billion dollar product.

Has your desktop gone after installing this month's patches? Are you running Avira or Avast? Please please let us know on AskWoody.

I swear, if someone tells me again how Windows patches are getting better, I'm going into a blood vessel pressure.

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