Federer after 405 days without a match: Nervousness was there. And I also forgot some rules

The 39-year-old Federer last played in the semifinals of the Australian Open last year. Then the former first player in the world ranked underwent two knee surgeries and entered the first match on Wednesday, when he dealt with Evans 7-6 3-6 7-5 after almost two and a half hours.

Although the 20-time Grand Slam winner said before the match that tennis was like an unforgettable bike ride, he admitted after the progress that he was still nervous about returning. “The morning before the match, I started thinking about it and I was a little tense. Nothing dramatic, maybe I was just excited,” he said.

Federer was even out of the game for so long that he forgot some rules. For example, how long it takes to play before a match, or when he can tell the ball feeders about a towel. “They must have warned me a million times, not just once,” he said. “And limited time to serve is something I’m not used to yet,” he added.

“I also forgot that you only have about four minutes to start,” said the three-time winner of the tournament in Doha. “So Dan and I were playing, and after thirty seconds, I suddenly see that he’s already online and playing a call. So I’m thinking,” Why is he in such a hurry? ” Federer added.

Currently, the sixth player in the world, who is waiting for Nikoloz Basilashvili from Georgia in the quarterfinals today, was also happy that his knees managed the three-hundred match without any problems. “We’ll see how I feel the next day, but I’m not the type to take pain pills right away. I only take them when it’s absolutely necessary and this is not the case,” he said.

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Federer won’t even change his post-match regeneration procedures because of his knees. “I’m old school. I took an ice bath and I didn’t like it, so I won’t do it again,” he said. “I will stay with simple things. I will stretch, get a massage, sleep and warm up honestly before the match,” he added.


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