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Federica Panicucci, here is your great pain

Federica Panicucci told live her great pain, which hit her in the last period. But what is it about?

Federica Panicucci he is undoubtedly one of the most loved characters in the world of Italian television. The presenter, who at this moment is showing off every day with ‘Morning Five ‘, today she was one of the great protagonists of today’s episode of ‘Verissimo’. The main topic was his book, ‘The Courage to Be Happy’, which collects a series of secrets to live better. But a very important issue was also touched upon. What is it about?

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Federica Panicucci, her great mourning: her words

  Federica Panicucci,

The presenter, during the long chat with Toffanin, which won over many viewers, spoke of a great mourning that hit her, remembering dad. Her death represented a great pain for her, which still has not subsided today. Panicucci has in fact, without hiding the emotion, said that it has not yet overcome its loss. A very touching moment indeed.

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Federica however admitted, despite the great pain that still torments her, that she tries to remember, almost every day, that there is always something to be grateful for: “You have to live the pain but there comes a day when you have to go further“. In short, the native of Cecina is undoubtedly trying to turn the page and look forward. The work can certainly4 help you from this point of view. Even if the memory of her father, as she herself said, will accompany her forever. However, his confession in the studios of ‘Verissimo’ undoubtedly touched and moved the whole audience from home. And it couldn’t be otherwise.

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