August 25, 2019

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Feijo blesses the project of Spain's Suma de Casado

The president of the Xunta says that the idea of ​​joining forces in the center right "has all the seriousness"

Rajoy and Feijo, this Sunday, at the Leiro Harvest Fair.

The Espaa Suma project with which Pablo Casado aspires to recast voters and center-right parties in the face of a future election date has won the approval of one of the barons entrusted to the PP every time he sees it necessary to redial the course, Alberto Nez Feijo. The president of the Xunta and the party in Galicia maintains that in his community it is unnecessary, but this Sunday, for the first time, he supported his convenience at the national level.

Feijo accompanied the former president of the Government and the PP, Mariano Rajoy, in his reappearance as a preacher of the Harvest Fair of Leiro, in Orense, and while the protagonist of the act refused to go down to the political arena, the Galician varnish made a They stop in the festive atmosphere and support the Casado project.

Firm defender of the stable direction that the PP has in Galicia, Feijo insisted that in his land a project like Spain Suma is not necessary – or the Galicia Suma brand facing the autonomic ones – because there is a party that already adds to the vast majority of the Galicians, but that, if spoken in a state code, has all the seriousness. I hope it succeeds, he said, and vindicated the need to launch it because it is something more serious than the Game of Thrones that sees what is happening right now between Podemos, the PSOE and the independence parties.

Galicia Sum, no

The Galician barn rules out that the national direction of the PP will impose a futureGalicia Sumconsidering that in this community Citizens lack presence in Parliament and Vox has not even achieved a councilor: I don't think Gnova imposes anything. Unlike.

I defended thatSpain SumIt is even more pertinent to see the political instability in Spain and that we can be dedicated to the fourth elections in four years. Thus, convinced that everything seems to indicate that the president of the acting Government and PSOE candidate, Pedro Snchez, is interested in calling elections, he is positive that his party makes a proposal with light and stenographs before the elections to try a pre-election coalition .

Faced with this political analysis of Feijo, Rajoy tried to remain in the background of the current situation that he has occupied since he resigned from the presidency of the PP and regained his career as a property registrar. The press's insistence was great, but its resistance to entering the major rag. Journalists only managed to elicit him and, in allusion to the inability of the current Government to approve new budgets, it is a good decision to continue with the mos.

Everyone knows more than me and I have no advice to give anyone, the former president wanted to settle, who went to Leiro to act as a preacher and ambassador of Galicia and the wine sector and more eager to fraternize with every neighbor who wanted to be a photo or share with him what to do analysis.

"Long live the Ribeiro wine"

His first public appearance in weeks was developed in a casual tone, faithful to the style of the most informal speeches and with the confidence of feeling loved and at home, in a town of 1,500 inhabitants in the province of Orense to which he declared to feel very united, a few kilometers away, in Carballio, his father, a judge by profession, was assigned during his first three years of life.

There I lived some of my best years and I never lived better because nobody gets in with me and I don't get in with anyone and also because I had no problems. This Sunday, in the company of the mayor,Francisco Jos Fernndez; the president of the Delegation of Orense,Manuel Baltar; the former president of Congress, Ana Pastor, and Feijo, felt again at home, with my people and with my land.

He felt comfortable and did not hesitate to claim the famous phrase Long live the wine that has not ceased to generate criticism and jokes since I pronounced it in Ciudad Real in 2007. I remembered some intellectuals who messed with me after that speech and repeated it: Long live the came from Ribeiro.

I also claimed the teachings of all the countrymen who transmit the values ​​of prudence and patience, against others who do not know it and the ways of the growers who know that the good fruit only comes after a great effort. True to his style and his reluctance, I indicated that they are virtues that I wish were more present in everyone's lives and nuance: Just in case someone thinks I mean someone, I have to say they are right.

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