Felix Pena cannot recreate magic because Astros Angels returns to the ground


By the time this new week started, he sat the beginning of the thing that ended Wednesday as a five-game victory strike, Pena Angels sat, Angels right hander in front of the Angel's Stadium lockers and promised that he put last week behind of it.

“That's paid out,” he said in Spanish, “I can't wait for him. I have to be prepared for the next start. ”

Pena had 4.24 ERAs, who were 29 years old and joined the Angels last year, in the first 174 days he interrupted him, due to days of interviews. He spent seven surprises without a peak last Friday on an emotional night focused on the memory of the late colleague Tyler Skaggs. He did not remember the applications. He was proud of the part he had taken at the moment to prove his colleagues were suffering, and to emotional fans, as he turned behind as they started the second half of the season.

Even four days after his SKAGGS 45 sweater lay a rubber of the mound, smile stretched Pena's mouth mouth while recreating the numeric numbers, and the supernatural possible b, which accompanied by homage. reminder for Skaggs.

“There have been many things,” he said as a coincidence, he said. “The seven go in the first inning; we finished with a total of 13 [Skaggs's 13 birthday on 13 July]. We wore bends. There are many things you start thinking about and you go, ow Wow, what happened here? '”

When Houston Astros lost 11-2 days Wednesday, the warm memory of the second evening Jose Jose Altuve on the inside of the plate, which was stuck at high-high pena 93 Pena and drove left for single with head out in the first inning. The reality sank as the bottom fell from the frame. The Astros collected four hits, which were shown at Michael Brantley's two-way town run on the first pitch to put the youth in an early 3-0 hole.

Pena addressed the so-called “bulk man”. The strategy enabled it to jump into the battalion orders of the competitors about halfway through it. It gave him time to set up his parks before taking on three top team winners.

He was not given a luxury Wednesday. The unrest of the Angels was reduced. They renewed it with a pre-match move that Luke Bard brought up. He created it well. Bard received 22/3 surprises for relief from Pena, which lasted only 42/3 in the first period from 19 April.

“I didn't feel I could wear it or was able to order my three pitches for strikes,” said Pena. “When you can't do that, that's always the case. When you cannot order your parks, you meet. "

Pena had a lively evening every evening. He threw balls on the first pitch with eight of the first 13 battles before him. The Astros took advantage of his passions, and scored in three direct induction. By the time Bard came in, Pena and the Angels were tracing 6-0 and the Astros gathered nine goals. Two more races were cut on Pena, celebrating the first time that eight races were brought up in his career. The only other time this season he brought up was more than four races than 12/3-inning on June 5, when he allowed seven.

Pena went incredibly after that game. Battles hit him only a clip of .194 in his next six trips. He gave up 13 runs deserved in 292/3 innings.

Pena was most encouraged during this stretch by developing its outdoor playing fields. His change was, in particular, a late army on a Friday night. The Marina broke at three of the 12 who spent it; they put another three in play outside.

On Wednesday, Pena was not helped by the change. Nothing, really.

This time, the opponent was too strong, Astros starter Gerrit Cole too effective with the 98-mph speedy boat for the angels to offer Pena support. Angels hitters, who arrived at night with the lowest yellow rate in top games, and lost at 24 magnificent pitches. They met 11 times in seven Cole engines. No other pitcher made more than nine strikes against the Angels this season.

“It's one of the most demanding pitchers ahead,” said Josh Paul, Angels's bench coach, who acted as manager after the suspension of any Brad Ausmus game '. “Many people are facing us in our department. Ideally, you want to keep close as long as you can give yourself a shot. Tonight wasn't working in the future. ”


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