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Female Spectator Who Caused Tour de France Accident To Be Tried

BREST, KOMPAS.com – A 30-year-old woman who caused a mass accident at the Tour de France was finally released from police custody on Friday (2/7/2021).

However, he was ordered to appear at the trial which will be held in October.

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The woman, who was not named, was arrested by the authorities on Wednesday (30/6/2021) as reported by AFP.

He was arrested five days after causing a mass Tour de France crash that left dozens of drivers injured and bruised.

A statement from the prosecutor’s office in the French city of Brest said the woman was ordered to appear in court on October 14.

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In that trial, he could face charges of negligence and causing unintentional injury.

In the video, the woman holds a long cardboard box with a caption encouraging cyclists to “Forward!”

Positioned very close to the racers who filled the track, with one foot on the road and a long cardboard hanging on the track.

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The woman’s head turned in the opposite direction of the cyclists as all the chaos ensued.

Veteran racer Tony Martin crashed into the box and fell to the ground.

Other cyclists behind and beside him fell and fell, causing dozens of other people behind him to have multiple accidents.

The woman told investigators she was embarrassed by her “stupidity” and worried about the high public scrutiny of her.

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