Feminicide in Le Havre: 800 people gathered, the suspect locked


About 800 people said police gathered Wednesday in Le Havre to demand "justice" for "Johanna", a 27-year-old woman killed in front of her three children Monday in this city by her spouse who was indicted and imprisoned.

"Break the silence", "Stop feminicides", "Stop violence", could we read on signs in the procession. Many demonstrators chanted "Justice, Johanna," an AFP photographer said.

About 800 people gathered in front of the town hall, about 600 marched through the streets of Le Havre, according to the police.

The procession was 70% women and children, according to the same source.

The 37-year-old man, who stabbed the woman in front of their two, four and six year-old children on the way out of a supermarket, was indicted and placed in custody on Wednesday late in the afternoon. "He has maintained his recognition of the facts," said the prosecutor in a statement sent to the press, adding that a judicial inquiry was opened murder count per spouse.

"The three children were placed in a provisional placement order and, in this context, placed in the care of a family member." According to the law, as a result of this interim decision, the juvenile judge will be seized educational assistance ", explained the prosecutor of Le Havre François Gosselin.

Arrested shortly thereafter, the man, who carried 14 knives to his wife, said he acted out of fear that the victim would deprive him of his sons, according to the prosecution.

On August 11, the victim had already lodged a complaint. The police then intervened in the home of the couple, that "the young woman said to have left while passing by the window of the apartment (…) having been threatened by his companion with the help of a knife as well as of choking with a plastic bag ". The spouse was then arrested and released. "In this first case, it was word for word," said the prosecutor François Gosselin.

The woman had since left the common home to settle in a home and "the children were looked after in turn by each parent" pending a judgment on their guard. It was then that the victim was going to pick up her children that her husband, without previous court sentence, stabbed her.

In 2018, the Ministry of the Interior had registered 121 feminicides.


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