Fenerbahche, burned in the last seconds, gave the victory to the Panathinaikos club

Istanbul’s Fenerbahche (1/1) team were close to winning the Euroleague, but wasted it in the final seconds when they received two non-sporting fouls.

This is how the Athens Panathinaikos (1/1) club triumphed next to its fans – 91:87 (20:21, 25:25, 19:21, 27:20).

All the matches went very smoothly, although Fenerbahche had a brilliant advantage almost all the time – 69:66. But he also scored a maximum of six points until the fourth quarter, which became fateful.

Devin Booker tried to keep his team ahead, but the penalties were scored by Daryl Macolas, three-point – Nemanja Nedovičius – 73:74. Pierria Henry responded with a colon, N. Notovičius stopped throwing fines, and D.Booker brought him forward again in Fenerbach – 78:77. With 4 minutes left, Dyshawn Pierre added one free throw and N. Notovičius compared the result with a two-point lead – 79:79.

Jan Vesely’s points allowed the Istanbul team to break ahead (85:82), and N.Nedovičius missed his fifth long throw. With 40 seconds left, Pierre hit a very important throw that seemed to lay the groundwork for Fenerbahche’s victory. N.Nedovičius mitigated the result, but Marko Guduričius received a non-sporting foul.

Macon took the opportunity (86:87) and had 10 seconds left. NowBooker has already received a non-sporting foul, after which N. Nedovičius could snatch the victory. Serb threw the penalties (88:87), 2 seconds left, and Ioannis Papapetrou only secured the victory for Panathinaika.

The match was watched by 5800 fans, and judge Gytis Vilius worked on it.

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Panathinaikos: Nemanja Nedovičius 20 (1/6 trit., 11/11 penalty, 7 winger, 20 nb), Ioannis Papapetrou 14 (5 reb., 4 res.), Darylas Maconas 13, Okaro White ‘ as 12 (Rev. 9), Kendrick Perry 9.

Fenerbahce: Janas Vesely 18 (10 atk. Kam., 5 rez. Loses.), Nando De Colo 16, Devinas Bookeris 14 (7 atk. Kam.), Pierria Henry 12, Dyshawnas Pierre’as 10.

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