Fernando Costa: "The first bases stole them from the internet"

He prepared his first album while working as a collector in Ibiza. The first songs were born with stolen bases and micros in mops. Now, Fernando Costa fills rooms and has managed to convince his parents that the life of a rapper can also be good. We interviewed the Ibicenco to know what is behind his music

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Two years ago,Fernando Costa(Ibiza, 1995)I worked as a collectorwhile preparing his first album,Yipiyou. Living in the Balearic island and being a bad student has meant that I spent a few summers in the templates of clubs and supermarkets. But that was already behind.

The numbers of their songs, with videos that exceed6 million views on YouTube, and the continuoussold outin his concerts, they have led him to turn to music. Although he assures that, of not being autonomous, he would continue collecting glasses."I do not lose my rings, you are a person and then a rapper", he says. While emphasizing that it is where it is thanks to the public and not to a goal that has been marked: "I have never considered having a record or a number of visits."

Be it one way or another, the road here has not been easy.His family has not always supported him. "I've been a kid who has not been idyllic at home, I have an older sister who has been very good, soIt's like I messed up a lot. It is normal for them to be afraid of losing their time, "she explains, while saying that she understands her parents' position, but proudly tells how her parentsthey changed their mindsthe first time they saw him perform live, where a room filled to the brim sang his songs.

That was inPomegranate, where he lived for two years while studying a module of commerce and marketing. The first, with his grandmother and then withAjax and Prok, two twins who succeed in the world of rap and whose careers have always gone hand in hand. Without forgetting either toBlaspheme, dj of all.

It was they who encouraged him to record and share his songs. "The first bases robbed them of Internet. We put them in the studio, we sang over them and we went back to YouTube. We recorded with amicrophone tied to a mop"

And it was they who brought him to the opening for a year and a half at his concerts. Time that remembers "hard" for having to sing "in front of people who have paid to see others".

"People get really wet in the lyrics and then they do not give the call"

Withletters fleeing the political pamphlet, they mix languages ​​and they want people to have a good time, Fernando Costa defends that he is not "to give advice to anyone" and says that he prefers to keep his personal opinions. "I can think about the monarchy but I will not say it explicitlyin my song because I do not feel like it, "he defends.

And he assures that getting away from politics is not a way to protect oneself against criticism. "It's not for fear of being criticized, but because who wants to know how I am, who knows me. Music is music andyou can not judge a person for anything he does artistically"

With regard to the rest, the Ibicenco criticizes that many "get very wet in the lyrics, say things andthen do not give the call"

And what about the future? "When the music is over, because you will not always like everyone, you will have to do something again.You're not going to be racaneando all your lifeto see what you can get out of the music. "

At the moment, Fernando asks to be in five years "with my girl now, with my usual people, with my parents by my side, my healthy grandmother, my sister in the same line … With that I sign".

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