Ferrari, presented the team for F1 2021: the words of Leclerc, Sainz and Binotto. VIDEO

Carlos Sainz: “For me, reaching this milestone at the age of 26 is something I have always fought for. It is a team that has generated passion, we have a responsibility. I want to help the team return to high levels. We must all push on the same side. C “It’s respect and competitiveness with Charles. I’ve never had to train on concentration, it also depends a lot on my physical preparation. I’m serene, I don’t show that I’m nervous. It will be very difficult to beat Charles, but I’ll try. It would be the best, the most important thing.” The important thing is to make Ferrari go well. This year will be important, then we’ll talk about it again when we have to fight for the World Championship. We will be able to overcome any rivalry, I have great respect for the team. Incidents like Grosjean’s make us think, We play our lives but we need great respect. The Fiorano tests impressed me, I was nervous and I knew it was a special day. The fans are special. “


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