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Fiat Cronos, Toyota Hilux, Jeep Renegade: this costs to maintain them

The three models were consecrated winners in their categories in 2021. If you are looking for one of them, or one of the competition, this will be demanded per month

The 2021 patents are now practically closed, with a few business days left to complete the paperwork, and in each strongest segment of the market there is already a winner.

While in the total market and as a representative of the auto category, the first place is in the hands of the Fiat Cronos, with an increase in sales greater than 170% in the year; Among the pick ups the number one is the Toyota Hilux, as it has been happening for years; and the Jeep Renegade takes the place among SUVs.

All three models excelled in highly competitive categories, with many rivals and a wide product offering to choose from. In general, all brands had increases in sales and prices, impacting maintenance costs. At the same time, these values ​​serve to make a parallel if one wants to know how much you will spend per month if you buy one of those vehicles or from its competitors. In this context, we review the basic expenses of each of these vehicles, considering the entry-level options and the most equipped, so that you take into account if you plan to change your vehicle in 2022.

Fiat Cronos entry level: up to $ 34,000 per month

The Fiat Cronos produced in Córdoba, at the Ferreyra plant, starts with the Attractive version 1.3, which was added to the market last July with the rebranding that the brand applied to this product, with the aim of conquering new customers looking for the cheapest cars on the market.

Fiat Cronos, the best-selling of 2021.

With the new range, there are 7 options to choose from from Cronos, although taking as a reference the most economical, it has as standard with 15 ” alloy wheels, stability control, traction control, hill start assist, electric steering , fog lights, LED light identity for position lights, iTPMS tire pressure monitoring system, driver’s seat height adjustment, ESS system (emergency braking indicator), three-point seat belts for all the rear occupants, ISOFIX system and a spacious 525-liter trunk. In technology, the 7 “Uconnect multimedia center with Android Auto & Carplay connectivity stands out.

As for the price, the Attractive sale in December is $ 2,058,600, which entails a patenting expense of $ 102,930 per year, that is, about $ 8,577 per month for a car based in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The payment will be bimonthly, divided into 5 installments or adapted to the modality of each province, but in general it is an average number that can be taken into account.

Regarding insurance, by a third complete with hail, the value for a car based in CABA is $ 6,080 average (depends on the insurer, conditions, type of use and “fine print”), while the service is $ 17,530 for the 10,000 kilometers.

The rest of the expenses have to do with fuel consumption, washing and garage (if you need it), to which other issues such as tolls, some inconvenience such as tire breakage or extra expenses depending on the type of use, must be added, among other things.

Fuel is added to these expenses, which contemplating the Drive 1.3 MT engine with 99 hp and 13 kgfm of torque, with a five-speed manual transmission, has an average consumption of 6.3 liters combined. In this way, for a person who travels 15,000 kilometers per year, he will invest $ 7,400 per month loading super gasoline and not exceeding that speed.

As total expenses, for this model or one of a similar value, the calculation is as follows:

  • Patent: $ 8,577
  • Insurance: $ 6,080
  • Service: $ 1,460 ($ 17,530 prorated)
  • Combustible: $7.400
  • Garage: $ 9,000
  • Washing: $ 1,800

In this way, the total expense is $ 34,410, that is, 413,000 per year.

In the case of choosing an option of the Cronos of the most equipped, the version will be the Precision 1.8, with AT6 box. The value is $ 2,850,900. This top-of-the-range model has full equipment and distinctive design features. All these details raise the price, although it is still one of the most accessible sedans of the moment.

Regarding expenses, the patent goes to $ 11,878 per month, accompanied by a higher insurance expense, which rises to $ 7,600 for a complete third party and the same as the service, which is $ 18,490. Added to this is the cost of fuel, the 1.8 L engine being the highest consumption, more garage and washing.

In this way, the total expense is as follows:

  • Patent: $ 11,000
  • Insurance: $ 7,600
  • Service: $ 1,636 ($ 19,640 prorated)
  • Combustible: $19.600
  • Garage: $ 9,000
  • Washing: $ 1,800

With these expenses, you have to invest about $ 41,516 per month for its maintenance, that is, about 499,000 per year.

Toyota Hilux: up to $ 54,100

In the case of pick-ups, the Toyota Hilux is ranked one in its category, and second in the total market. Sales, both from the Japanese and from the competitors, are dominated by the double cab versions. In this context, Toyota offers one of its basic versions at a price of $ 4,158,000. With this amount, the patent has an average cost of $ 207,900, that is, about $ 17,325 per month.

Toyota Hilux, the best-selling, prepares the new GZ 2022.

Toyota Hilux, the best-selling, prepares the new GZ 2022.

Regarding the sure, the price is $ 9,700 on average per month to a full third party, based on the average of the different companies; while the service, which Toyota recommends 10,000 km, is 25,700 pesos.

To these expenses must be added the diesel, which, calculating 15 thousand kilometers per year (only 40 km per day), which will require around $ 12,000 per month to fill the tank. Thus, the total expenses are as follows:

  • Patent: $ 17,325
  • Insurance: $ 9,700
  • Service: $ 2,141 ($ 25,700 prorated)
  • Combustible: $ 12,000
  • Garage: $ 11,000
  • Washing: $ 2,000

With this data, the calculation to maintain the base truck per month is approximately $ 54,166, $ 5,000 more than three months ago, that is, $ 650,000 per year.

In case of choosing the top of the range, the 4 × 4 DC SRX 2.8 TDI 6 AT, has a price of $ 7,480,000, with a patent value that will be $ 374,000, or around $ 31,166 per month; while the insurance amounts to $ 15,000 and the service remains the same.

On fuel, the more equipped range features a 2.8 engine compared to the entry-level 2.4 engine, which is why more diesel is used. In that sense, the average will be about $ 14,000 per month traveling the same number of kilometers as 15,000 km per year (it is a small use compared to using the truck to work, travel in the field, etc.).

With these calculations, the total count is as follows:

Patent: $ 31,166

Insurance: $ 17,000

Service: $ 2,141 ($ 25,700 prorated)

Combustible: $14,000

Garage: $ 11,000

Washing: $ 2,000

In this case, since the vehicle is not registered as a construction site, the value will be $ 725,000 per month or about $ 900,000 per year.

Jeep Renegade: hasta $45.500

In the case of the SUV segment, Jeep Renegade finishes 2021 as the winner. This model, imported from Brazil, starts with the version Sport 1.8 with manual gearbox, which must take into account that the price is $ 3,307,600. There are three versions and four models, only the top of the line is affected by the internal rate.

Thus, starting with the cheapest, the annual patent will be $ 165,380 per year or $ 13,700 per month. These data correspond to the calculations indicated by the National Directorate of Automotive Property Registration – DNRPA- and are generally paid bimonthly. This definition depends on the province, which can add some extra concept to the patent and modify the value, so we are talking about an approximation.

Jeep Renegade, the best-selling SUV.

Jeep Renegade, the best-selling SUV.

As for the service, the value of this version is $ 19,860, while the insurance, a complete third party and one of the most demanded, reaches an average of $ 6,900, among the cheapest.

On the other hand, in fuel, we must calculate that the Renegade 1.8 has an average consumption of 11 liters per 100 kilometers. That is, driving an average of 15,000 kilometers per year, $ 12,430 will be spent on gasoline per month choosing Super or $ 14,410 with Premium.

If to this we add garage and laundry per month, the expenses are as follows:

  • Patent: $ 13,700
  • Insurance: $ 6,900
  • Service: $ 1,655 (19,860 prorated)
  • Combustible: $12.430
  • Garage: $ 9,000
  • Laundry $ 1,800 (two per month)

In this way, the monthly total for maintenance will be $ 45,500, while the annual average expense will be 546,000 pesos.

In case you choose the more equipped version of this model, the option is the Renegade Trailhawk 2.0L AT9 4 × 4, with a price of $ 6,210,200, since it is affected by the internal tax.

Regarding expenses, taking into account the DNRPA data, in the case of patenting, the annual expense is $ 310,500 or 25,800 pesos per month.

For the insurance, a complete third party has a cost of $ 15,200, while the 15-kilometer service costs 25,200 pesos.

On fuel, for which Premium diesel is recommended, which is $ 99.90 per liter, the cost is 7.2 liters per 100 kilometers. Thus, the monthly expenses, including the proration of those that are paid once a year, are the following:

  • Patent: $ 25,800
  • Insurance: $ 15,200
  • Service: $ 2,100 ($ 25,200 for the 15,000 km)
  • Combustible: $8.999
  • Garage: $ 9,000
  • Washing: $ 1,800 (two per month)

In this way, an average of $ 63,000 will be needed per month, while a year will be more than 754,000 pesos

Increasing expenses

Vehicle maintenance has grown notably in recent months, as by increasing the price of 0km, the impact is direct on insurance and patents, while fuel also increases every three months.

In this way, maintaining a car, truck or SUV has become a difficult task, and many people value whether it is convenient to have their own vehicle or use another means of transport.

On the other hand, there are always unforeseen events that change the plans of the month, such as breakage of coverage, windshield (normally the insurance covers annually) or other changes.

Over the years, patent expenses decrease, but there are often extra expenses that are no longer covered by the warranty and you have to pay them out of your own pocket.


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