Fienga: “Here’s how the Friedkins will create a competitive Rome”

ROMA – The CEO of Roma Guido Fienga spoke at the press conference to present the new partnership with the Tiscali company.

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How’s the connection with the Friedkins proceeding?
“It is progressing well, even if the entry of the Friedkin group entered at a particular timing, that is, at the center of two seasons without interruption and with a market at the center. There is a lot of work that we are trying to do seriously in a moment with many deadlines, such as capital increases and financial obligations. We are working hard and seriously, jointly.

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Is this agreement a sign of a different strategy with the change of ownership?
“It is the result of the growth of Rome. The new ownership has entered to make Rome grow even more. We are happy to have Tiscali and we will do important things together”.

From a market perspective, is it different to have an owner like Friedkin than Pallotta?
“I emphasize that since last year we have made a choice to stabilize the squad by keeping the players that are most congenial to our project. This choice with the Friedkin will be reinforced”.

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Will the club’s future business strategy involve any of the Friedkin group companies?
“The commercial strategy will be developed by the club. We will try to exploit all the strategies with the partners of the Friekdin group”.

Is there any news on the next technical sponsor?
“We are working, examining all the possibilities with the various partners. Roma is a much more important, visible and international brand than the first agreement with Nike. We are optimistic that any decision we make will create greater value than it is. created the previous agreement at the time “.

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How long will it take in the plans of the new property to build a competitive Rome?
“We are working with the utmost seriousness to build a stable project that gets better every year. This is the commitment we want to make. If every year we do a little better than the year before, the results will surely arrive. We need seriousness, stability. of strategy, therefore without questioning everything every time but correcting, and investing something every year in the right direction. By doing so, the results will surely come “.

Rome was among the companies in favor of the entry of “private equity”. However, there is already controversy over the division of proceeds. What should we expect?
“From Rome you can expect the usual commitment to manage the distribution of rights. We are in a moment of change in the use of rights, with Covid there is no public at the stadium. Rome welcomes any type of partner to ensure growth of the product”.

What can we wish for the Giallorossi fans?
“To win as many games as possible. To enjoy the passion for Roma in the healthiest way, stay close to the team and finish the championship with a few more smiles.”

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