«Fiery»: a large third of rods

As Pedro Muñoz Seca would say, the first was La Quinta. Start the
Fair of San Isidro
, the longest and most important of all the bullfighting world: bulls of the cattle ranch of La Quinta are fought, encaste Santa Coloma, highly valued by the fans of Madrid. The first ones in the success are also the bulls, of beautiful picture, four cardinals, almost all applauded, in the drag. Above all, the fifth, «Fogoso», which stars in a vibrant third of rods, which also highlights the picador Juan Francisco Peña, very applauded. The bullfight has had mobility and transmission, although several have attacked with the face at half height and have not been easy for the bullfighter. The three righties, good professionals, solve the ballot but fail to succeed. Trophies are not cut; only Rubén Pinar and Javier Cortés, in one of their bulls.

In 1872, the Italian writer Edmundo de Amicis found that "the inauguration of the bullfights in Madrid is much more important than a change of ministry." I do not believe that a current traveler has a different opinion. Its importance goes beyond localism, although the mayor Carmena, for sectarianism, does not want to find out. He dictated the American Ernest Hemingway: "If you really want to learn everything you can learn about bullfighting and if you have fallen in love with them, sooner or later you will have to go to Madrid." Better, Teprano, I mean, to see bulls and a demanding fan.

The Albacete Rubén Pinar has gone through several adventures, throughout his career: was climbing, opened the Puerta Grande, went down, suffered a delicate mishap, has established himself as a serious professional. In the line of the right-handers of his land (Dámaso González, for example), in his style command and temperament predominate. The first one is given to Dr. Máximo García Padrós (he suffered a goring in his last performance, in Las Ventas). It is the least clear of the six. Rubén Pinar tries to deal with it but does not achieve any brightness. And it kills regular. The fourth goes out drilling but he takes good care of it and gets his good class. It gives to the public and it seems that it can work because it draws long, tempered, low-hand muletazos, in that "Albacete" style. The bull is noble, allows some lucid moments but the task does not curdle, the division takes place, part of the public is on behalf of the animal (something typical of Madrid, in these cases). After a failed attempt, get a good thrust and salute, with some division.

Javier Cortés is a brave bullfighter from Madrid, well respected by this hobby; in fact, he is one of those who acted more late in Las Ventas, last season. This afternoon, is the closest to the triumph but it does not reach either. In the good third, he stays still, endures with classicism the vibrant torn; when the bull stops, it crosses to the opposite python, as it should be. However, the bull goes to more and the job, unless. My Seville friends would sentence: «He has won the one in black». Kill thrust and greet. In the fifth, the most exciting moment of the afternoon is produced: "Fogoso", a 575 kilogram lamb, easily knocks down the horse. Cortes shines it, placing it from afar: on the first stick, he goes with joy; from the center of the saucer, it costs more but the horse moves the picador Juan Francisco Peña and ends up pulling off: a great ovation arises to the bull and the varilarguero. Brings to the public: the bull repeats with emotion and Cortés endures, in an exciting porphyry, achieves some long naturals but the possible success is diluted. It does not kill well. And it is the bull that receives the great ovation.

The French Thomas Dufau has played little outside of his land but he already knows what it is to cut an ear here. He shows his intention by leaving gayola and is freed by hairs of a serious mishap. Then, he surrenders, willingly, without getting the spark of enthusiasm. It does not kill well. The last one is a piece of bull weighing 635 kilos that, despite that, moves a lot. Dufau is firm, in a willful fret; It is justified but nothing more. Kill back

With this type of bull, it is common for the most demanding fans from Madrid to take their part and demean something what the right-handers are trying. Anyway, thanks to the bull «Fogoso» and the picador Juan Francisco Peña, we have experienced the exciting beauty of the luck of varas: that which some bullfighters want to disappear, considering it useless. I hope they never get it.

POSTSCRIPT. The second bull of the afternoon is called «Bailaor», like the one that killed Joselito, in Talavera de la Reina. If it is now customary to remove the number of a basketball or football player's shirt, when they retire, would not it be logical not to call back any brave bull with that name? Many poets have mentioned it, in their works. For example, Rafael Duyos: «That, in Castilla, Bailaor, / with its sharp antlers, / to the best of the swords / has broken his life in bloom». Or Ramón de Garciasol: "How was it? How were you, in the vacada, / son of Bailaora y Canastillo, grown between the rockrose and the thyme, / rehearsing in the mount the horns? ». They also dedicate verses to him, Ángel Peralta, Luis Lopez Anglada, Carlos Murciano … With the amount of possible names, I would like more than another one had been chosen, out of respect for the greatest bullfighter of all history.

Monumental de Las Ventas
Tuesday, May 14, 2019. First run of the San Isidro Fair. Around thirteen thousand people. Bulls of the cattle ranch of La Quinta, serious, encastastados, of varied game; applauded in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th drag (in which the picador Juan Francisco Peña is also ovated).

RUBÉN PINAR, of cinnamon and gold. Puncture yestocada atravesada (silence). In the room, metisaca and good lunge (greetings).

JAVIER CORTÉS, blue turkey and gold. Lunge extended (greetings). In the fifth, half perpendicular thrust and two descabellos. Warning (silence).

THOMAS DUFAU, dark blue and gold. Two punctures and lunge. Warning (silence). In the sixth, back lunge (palms). (tagsToTranslate) cronica (t) isidro (t) fifth (t) ruben (t) pinewood

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