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FIFA 22 becomes free from today, the official announcement

FIFA 22 is preparing for a great offer for those who love to take the field and assert themselves. A weekend with a bang for all gamers

Great surprise for the loyalists of the platform of Steam who has decided to celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited weekend by giving ben as a gift 3 games. These can be downloaded and used throughout the weekend without being forced to spend a single euro. This is an offer that is only valid for a limited time, so be prepared.

fifa 22 free from today (source steampowered)

One of the games that can be tried in the free version in the next two days it is FIFA 22, the latest addition to EA Sports. Those who still want to take advantage of the proposed Steam, hurry up and take advantage of it. A free proposal to take the field. But it’s not the only one, even Nintendo Switch has revealed news on the new Mario.

FIFA 22 free for the weekend

One new video game also comes from the developers of The Witcher. Those who have already tried FIFA 22 have seen that there are many innovations introduced within it and that it differs greatly from previous versions. In addition to the immense innovations included in the gameplay level, there is also a roster in which there are more than 17,000 players and 700 teams. This is the perfect game for those looking for the most realistic football simulation possible. The second game made available by Steam for this weekend will be just as addicting. Thanks to Golf With Your Friends, every player will be able to totally immerse themselves in the world of minigolf, trying to overcome all the courses, however difficult and dangerous they may seem.

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fifa 22 free
fifa 22 free from today (source steampowered)

The third and final title is Descenders, a game that features descended by bicycle. The challenge is to stay on the saddle for as long as possible. In this case, the player must decide the type of strategy to be adopted. Users can start downloading the various titles right away. Just go to the appropriate area and click yes Start the game.

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For a limited time, players can even take these titles home to a promotional cost as precisely because they belong to the list of titles given as a gift for this weekend. Take advantage of the incredible discount.

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