FIFA 22 Manchester United C Lang is not considered the strongest Premier League, Germany, Italy, France and Spain League 120 player ability ranking|Hong Kong 01|Game animation

“FIFA 22” five league real strongest 120 player ability ranking | There are five major football league clubs, players appearing in real names, Premier League C Lang, French Ligue Metz, and La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, “FIFA 22” recently announced this In 5 major leagues, the ability index reaches the TOP20 level, and there are more than 120 super stars in total.

Serie A TOP20 Iba is still strong

It is estimated that Lubuiba is still in the top 20 among the people

Mei Si runs away.He is the strongest in La Liga

Metz left La Liga. Which player will become the top 20 best player in La Liga?

Bundesliga TOP20 Bayern hairy double dominance

Bundesliga fights all. There are few highly capable players over 90 points, but there are many players with 84 to 90 points!

Premier League TOP 20 strongest Manchester United big brother

Ronald C Ronald returned to Manchester United at the age of 36 and still succumbed. Although there are two stars who are stronger than him in the whole game, his index is the first in the Premier League alone!

French Ligue 1 TOP 20 finalists list for Paris

This ranking proves that the strength of the Ligue 1 football club is very uneven.

The game index is for reference only, and operation must be emphasized. In the real world, external factors such as players’ behavior and physical condition should also be considered. Every year in the FIFA performance table, we all eat peanuts and blow water. Don’t be too serious.

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