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Fifth death in Italy from coronavirus, more than 200 infections

219 infections have already been reported in Italy. The five people who died were all very old.

Lombardy hit hard

The fourth and fifth dead both came from Lombardy, a region that was hit hard by the virus and whose inhabitants are very concerned. Because of the virus, several villages in northern Italy are locked.

Travel advice adjusted

If you are traveling to Italy, you should check if there are special measures at your place of destination in connection with the new corona virus. Since today, this is stated in the travel advice to Italy on the website from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For a few outbreaks of infection in the north of the country, such as the place of Codogno, there is provisionally a ban on entry and exit. The access roads are checked. Foreign Affairs advises travelers who have a fever or respiratory complaints to see a doctor.

Cities sealed off

Northern Italy has had to deal with strict measures because of the corona virus since last night. The country has decided to lock off a number of cities from the outside world. As a result of this measure, around 50,000 people living in those areas can no longer go anywhere.

schools and a large part of the shops are closed in ten municipalities in the Lombardy region. Major events such as church services, carnival celebrations and sports competitions are prohibited.

Italy accounts for the vast majority of infected people in Europe. In Germany, 16 cases were reported, in France 12. In Paris, a Chinese tourist died of Covid-19 last weekend.

Package of measures

The Italian government is working on a package of measures to support citizens and businesses in the area affected by the new corona virus. Rome is thinking of postponing the payment of taxes and mortgage repayments.

According to the Italian media, the Italian government is already working on measures to provide support to certain hard-hit sectors for a longer period. This includes tourism and the fashion sector.

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