Fight against HIV / AIDS: How to achieve the 90 – 90 – 90 objectives within five years – news from Cameroon

The Cameroonian network of associations of people living with HIV / AIDS suggests possible solutions, including the rapid expansion of access to effective services to fight this infection, in particular the voluntary HIV screening counseling over the next five years. years.

State of play

Cameroon has adhered to the UN AIDS acceleration strategy, to reach by 2020 the treatment target of 90 – 90 – 90. A vision which corresponds to the fact that at least 90% of people living with HIV know their HIV status, at least 90% of these people are on antiretroviral therapy and at least 90% have an undetectable viral load.

Over the years, innovative strategies have been developed, including the decentralization of care for PvVih, through community dispensing of Arv.

The major objective of this other initiative is, on the one hand, to improve universal access to screening, in particular through the family-centered approach, as a gateway to community screening; To contribute to the improvement of the retention of PvVih under treatment, through the decongestion of the Fosa in charge of PvVih with large volume of active file.

The aim is to contribute to the reduction of retention from 60.4% in 2015 to 90% in 2020 and to 95% by 2030.

Risk factors

As is the case in many countries around the world, in Cameroon, women pay a heavy price with a prevalence of 5.6% against 2.9% for men.

Many factors are involved, including political and security crises, biological vulnerability, economic dependence exacerbated by gender norms inspired by local customs and traditions, the precocity of sexual relations and marriage and above all, the desire child expressed by young girls and women of childbearing age.

All these aspects appear to be the main motivations for unprotected sex among women, despite the individual perception of the risk of HIV infection.

Certainly, many efforts have been made in recent years and have made it possible to put more than 25.4 million PvVihs on antiretroviral treatment by the end of 2019, an increase of 6.4 million compared to 2009.


The members of the said association have thought of a series of events, all related to this year’s celebration theme: Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility.

And, to achieve the expected results, it is the rear esplanade of the town hall which has been one of the frameworks of deployment in recent days.

Members of the Cameroonian Network of Associations of People Living with HIV / AIDS were thus able to offer psychosocial support to patients – Raise awareness among young people in schools and out of school with in particular educational talks, distribution of prevention materials, free screening for HIV AIDS – Facilitate exchanges on stigma and discrimination as well as the promotion of human rights in connection with HIV …

Nicole Ricci Minyem

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