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Fight Tyrone Spong – Sergey Kharitonov at the Khabib Eagle FC 44 tournament, Paratrooper’s victory by technical knockout

Igor Bragin

Video of Sergei Kharitonov’s knockout on Eagle FC

And here is a visual confirmation of the total dominance of the Russian fighter over the kickboxer from Suriname. Maybe Spong needs to get back into boxing where he has the perfect rating. In MMA, without basic wrestling skills, he has nothing to catch.

Alexander Frolov

Results of the Eagle FC 44 tournament

Here is the first in the history of the promotion Habiba Nurmagomedova tournament in the USA. Not all fights turned out to be spectacular, but in general, the last tournament can be considered quite successful. The main Russian hope of the fighting evening did not disappoint – Sergei Kharitonov masterfully, “on the class” knocked out Tyrone Sponge.

Alexander Frolov

Sergei Kharitonov knocked out Tyrone Spong!

In the second round, Kharitonov failed to immediately transfer his opponent. The fighters worked in a stance, where the Paratrooper had a certain advantage. At the end of the second minute, Sergey nevertheless carried out a takedown, deftly going into a full mount again. There, the Russian delivered several heavy blows to the head of the Surinamese, forcing the referee to stop the fight. A clear victory for Kharitonov!

Alexander Frolov

Kharitonov outright wins the first round

Kharitonov knocked his opponent over to the canvas already in the first minute, logically deciding to take advantage of his advantage on the ground. Sergey quickly got into a full mount, from where he delivered heavy blows to Spong. The Surinamese had a hard time, given that the Paratrooper also crushed him with a mass. Tyrone deftly dodged and blocked, but still took serious damage.

Alexander Frolov

Kharitonov and Spong are already in the cage!

Sergei Kharitonov and Tyrone Spong already in the octagon. Our compatriot came out to the classic composition from the movie “Rocky”. Sergei looks ready and fit, just like his opponent.

Alexander Frolov

Khabib is sure that Kharitonov needs to be wary of Evans

Habib Nurmagomedov before the main battle noted that Sergei Kharitonov need to be very careful Tyrone Sponge. Although the Surinamese hasn’t fought under the rules of MMA for eight years, his terrible punch could be a threat to the Paratrooper.

Mikail Huseynov

Kayla Harrison attended the Eagle FC

Two-time Olympic champion, two-time PFL Grand Prix winner Kayla Harrison visited the Eagle FC 44 tournament. Intriguing, especially considering that women’s fights in the Khabib league are not yet expected.

Mikail Huseynov

Khabib: just getting started

Khabib Nurmagomedov, meanwhile, makes it clear that his league in the United States is serious and for a long time. The Russian posted a meaningful post with the following text: “just starting, watch”

The corresponding post is available on his page in Instagram.

Mikail Huseynov

Rashad Evans wins for the first time since 2013

MMA veteran Rashad Evans, who resumed his career after a three-year pause, scored the first victory since November 2013, when he managed to cope with Chael Sonnenom. Evans confidently controlled the course of the confrontation with Cecco, often relying on his wrestling skills. All that the Brazilian demonstrated was attempts to hold a painful hold on his leg. But Rashad confidently acted in defense. A well-deserved decision victory for Evans, congratulations on your return to victory!

Mikail Huseynov

The Eagle FC 44 tournament is in full swing. Now the participants of the co-main event of the show have appeared in the cage. Former UFC light heavyweight champion, veteran veteran Rashad Evans fights Brazilian Gabriel Cecco.

Igor Bragin

Eagle FC 44: Spong – Kharitonov when the fight starts

The first US league tournament Khabib Nurmagomedov Eagle FC 44 with the main fight Tyrone Spong – Sergey Kharitonov will begin at 02:00 Moscow time.

The main event of the fight evening will start no earlier than 05:30 Moscow time.

Igor Bragin

Tyrone Spong – the main thing about the future rival of Kharitonov

If we know everything about Kharitonov, including his condition and recent results, then things are a little different with Spong. The “Championship” columnist Denis Dorofeev understands how dangerous the opponent went to the Paratrooper.

Two years ago, he almost fought with Usyk, and now he will fight with Sergey Kharitonov

Igor Bragin

Tyrone Spong shared his opinion about Sergei Kharitonov

36-year-old Surinamese kickboxer Tyrone Spong commented on the Russian Sergey Kharitonov, with whom he will fight in the Khabib Nurmagomedov Eagle FC league.

“As always, I am looking forward to a tough fight. He is a tough opponent. He is very strong, he is big and hard to knock him out. I expect a spectacular fight.

How many fights did I sign with Eagle FC for? Let’s see how the upcoming fight goes. This is a question for Ali Abdelaziz. I don’t care how many fights they signed a contract for, I didn’t even ask. I have a fight and that’s what I’m focused on right now,” Spong said in an interview on YouTube channel Sherdog.com.

Igor Bragin

Khabib Nurmagomedov recovers from coronavirus

Former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has recovered from coronavirus. This was announced by the representative of the athlete’s team.

“Khabib is out of quarantine,” TASS quotes a representative of Khabib’s team.

Recall that Nurmagomedov’s test for coronavirus gave a positive result in Singapore, where the athlete came to the One Championship mixed martial arts tournament. At one point, there were concerns about whether the Eagle could make it to Miami in time for the tournament. But, everything worked out!

Khabib risks missing his league debut in the US.  Eagle against the pandemic
Khabib risks missing his league debut in the US. Eagle against the pandemic

Igor Bragin

Bagdasaryan and Volodin to comment on Eagle FC tournament in Miami

It became known that commentators David Baghdasaryan and Oleg Volodin will work at the Eagle FC tournament in Miami, which will be held on January 28.

“Big news guys! We are becoming part of Eagle FC and will be commentating on the first EAGLE tournament in Miami this weekend.

It’s a double thrill that the first league tournament I’ll be in is led by Tyrone Spong, who I’ve always rooted for twice as hard. I am immensely glad of this opportunity, we are working. Thanks to the Eagle team!” Baghdasaryan wrote on his Instagram.

Igor Bragin

Eagle FC 44: Spong – Kharitonov, where to watch the fight

Broadcast of the Eagle FC 44 tournament, which will be held on the night of January 29, 2022, with the main battle Tyrone SpongSergei Kharitonov will be available is free on the FLX Cast platform (https://linktr.ee/eaglefc).

Igor Bragin

Weighing results Eagle FC 44

On the eve of the tournament, the fighters went through a weigh-in procedure, as a result of which Kharitonov was 16.4 kg heavier than his opponent.

Main card

  • Sergey Kharitonov (120 kg) – Tyrone Spong (103.6 kg)
  • Rashad Evans (91.7) – Gabriel Cecco (92.7)
  • Ray Borg (61.5) – Cody Gibson (61.5)
  • Ramazan Kuramagomedov (79.1) – John Howard (79.2)
  • Raymond Magomedaliev (79.5) – Anthony Njokuani (78.7).

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Eagle FC 44 weigh-in results: Kharitonov was 16.4 kg heavier than Spong

Igor Bragin

Khabib Nurmagomedov bought the league for $1 million

On November 28, 2020, it became known that Orel bought out the GFC (Gorilla Fighting Championship) promotion. It is generally accepted that Nurmagomedov paid s 1 million. The promotion was renamed Eagle FC and the tasks were named: to bring the organization to the level of one of the best in the world. And now, just 14 months later, Khabib’s team is holding a tournament in the USA. The Eagle stated that the league plans to host 7-8 tournaments in Miami in 2020. For these purposes, a complex was specially built, reminiscent of the functionality of the Apex UFC.

Igor Bragin

Full card of the Eagle FC 44 tournament: Spong — Kharitonov

During the preparation of the first Khabib tournament on American soil, the composition of the participants changed several times. Five days before the start, the card looks like this:

Main card

  • Tyrone Spong – Sergei Kharitonov
  • Rashad Evans – Gabriel Cecco
  • Ray Borg – Cody Gibson
  • Ramazan Kuramagomedov – John Howard
  • Raymond Magomedaliev – Anthony Njokuani

preliminary card

  • Arman Ospanov – Dylan El Salvador
  • Jorge De Castro – Sean Asher
  • Miles Hasinger – Demarcus Jackson
  • Sean Bunch – Adi Alik
  • Loik Rajabov – Zack Zane
  • Sitik Muduev – Majdeddin Ayadi

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