Fiji authorities did not allow the landing of an aircraft for the export of Russians :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Alexander Scherbak / TASS

The Republic of Fiji refused to issue a landing permit for the plane, which was supposed to take Russian tourists out of the island nation. This was reported by the Ministry of Communications in the Telegram channel.

“Flight No. UTA9033 will not be able to fly from Fiji. The Fiji authorities did not give permission to land the Russian side, ”the report said.

The Ministry of Communications said that they are currently working on other options for the evacuation of Russians from Fiji. The flight, which was supposed to take tourists from Fiji, will go first to Indonesia, then to Thailand, and from there it will return to Surgut with Russian citizens on board.

Export flight with Russians arrived from Thailand to Sakhalin

Photo: Yuri Smityuk / TASS

Earlier, on April 27, the Aurora Airlines flight arrived from Thailand to Sakhalin. Onboard the Airbus A319, there were 89 Russians stuck abroad due to the cessation of international air traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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