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Mauricio Sari is always looking for Gorginho to be the main midfield segment that drives his team’s defensive and offensive performance. This happened during 3 years in Naples.

With his departure towards Chelsea, the Italian with his Brazilian origins was on the way to the capital, London, and this season, they are looking for each other to complete the missing piece.

Throughout recent months, Juergenio was more closely related to the transfer to Juventus, to the point that the reports put the names that would enter into a swap with the Blues to complete the deal.

Juventus sports director Fabio Paratici came up with another solution for Sari, a Brazilian player who is also younger and more expensive and plays in Barcelona and a suitable deal for the management of the club resolves its crisis at the budget level.

Brazilian Artur will see him next season in Juventus shirt in a mutual deal with Bosnian Miralem Pjanic, who had a role in installing Juventus columns on top of the pyramid locally and European competition.

Barcelona officially announced the transfer of Artur Melo to Juventus, Italy, at the end of this season. (See details)

Artur and Pjanic occupy the same position and if the Brazilian is more inclined with Barcelona to play as a left midfielder in the presence of Sergio Busquets, he did not play in the position of the late midfielder only 10 minutes this season, so there will be no significant differences between the numbers of the two.

The Brazilian completes 72 passes in the match against 66 for the Bosnian, but the latter provides more front passes, reaching 25 in the match against 18 for Artur.

What distinguishes Artur always is that he shows to his colleagues on the level of receiving passes, so he completed 91% of his passes correctly.

As for the passes in the offensive third, the passes of Artur pass to 27.4 compared to 17.3 for Bosnian, and also on the defensive level, Pjanic excels as he draws the ball 1.39 every 90 minutes compared to 0.6 for the Brazilian.

But given the thermal map, the Bosnian tends to cover the center of his team more than Artur, which he will do when he comes in his place.

Under the leadership of Kiki Citein, Artur’s contributions to the goals and their making increased and he made a midfield trilogy with Busquets and Frenicki de Jong.

With Cettin he scored two goals in 16 games, the same amount he scored with Ernesto Valverde in 56 games, making 6 goals.

The Brazilian missed only 22 games due to injuries, which further affected his appearance this season.

So will the Brazilian be the perfect solution for Sari instead of Georginho?

Georginho’s numbers and moves are very similar to the Bosnian, as Georginho outperforms Artur at the forward pass level and draws the ball from the opponent and is equal to him in the number of passes almost for each match.

But with more matches under Sari’s leadership, it is easy for Artur to make up for the difference, but he will not have the same understanding directly as Jorginho, whom Sari knows by heart, or clones him to be his next partner, as he did with Jorginho.

Looking at the deal, Juventus is a winner. He may have paid a greater number than the value of his annexation to Georginho, but he secured a vital position in his coach’s plans in light of the financial crisis that clubs are suffering in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus and won for the future.

3 plans that might suit Artur to appear under Sari’s leadership


Basically, Mauricio Sari relies on playing with a 4-3-3 plan, but he may resort to a midfield double in which the Brazilian will have to secure more defense with an offensive increase of 3 in front of him in addition to the striker.

The Brazilian’s ability to pass with a stronger midfielder at the level of ball fragmentation and offensive increases allow Artur to play in a double midfield.

3 ways Juventus can line up with Arthur Melo 1


Sarri relied on that plan in 15 games with Juventus’ jersey this season.

At the time, Artur will be Acting Pjanic, a late midfielder distributing balls to teammates throughout the field.

3 ways Juventus can line up with Arthur Melo 2


Sari’s favorite plan is to have Artur as a late game maker “Regista” and he plays the roles of Pjanic or Georginho in order to activate “Sary Ball” and possession of the ball and impose style and become the main pillar of the Sari plan.

3 ways Juventus can line up with Arthur Melo 3

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