FilGoal | News | Mirror: Anger in Tottenham’s dressing room after Mourinho’s “unfair” statements

Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho is facing a lot of anger in the team’s dressing room from the players, after describing his players as “zombies” after losing to Everton in the Premier League. According to a report published in the British newspaper, “Mirror”.

The report said that a number of Tottenham’s players were annoyed by Mourinho’s public remarks, and saw it as a way for the Portuguese coach to distance the blame from himself.

The players believe, according to the report, that the criticism is not fair, especially since Mourinho himself said that a number of players were not able to train fully due to poor preparation for the new season or being isolated due to Covid 19.

Tottenham lost 1-0 in the first round of the Premier League to Carlo Ancelotti’s squad, Everton.

Mourinho commented after the match on the level of his team, saying: “I would say that the pressure we played with was motivated by laziness, when you have lazy pressure, you do not pressure and let the opponents build attacks from the back, then they have great quality players, and it’s not just Everton, almost.” Everyone has this quality. “

And he continued, “When you let your opponent play from behind, they will move the ball comfortably.”

“Pixel compression. Pixel compression is in the foreground and that’s what I’m saying, and that created an unbalanced situation for the rest of the team.”

Ancelotti broke Tottenham’s dominance over Everton, which lasted 4305 days, and since 2008 Everton has not succeeded in defeating Tottenham at the latter’s stadium.

The last time Everton succeeded in defeating Tottenham at the latter’s stadium was on the 30th of November 2008, and at that time it came with the same score 1-0, after which all Everton’s attempts to achieve victory at Tottenham Stadium failed.

All in all, Everton scored their first victory over Tottenham since 2012.

Mourinho lost, for the first time in his coaching career, his opening match in the new season.

Before falling against Ancelotti, Mourinho won 11 times, drew 7 times and never lost his opening match in the league during his coaching career, but against Ancelotti the matter was completely different.

Tottenham is preparing to face Lokomotiv Plovdiv in the Europa League qualifiers on Thursday, before facing Southampton in the Premier League on Sunday.


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