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Filippo Nardi, the comment against Maria Teresa did not go unnoticed. Storm on social media

The former gieffino commented on a video of Maria Teresa Ruta in tears

Filippo Nardi was a controversial character of this edition of Big Brother Vip. Also this time he managed to get himself disqualified for his offensive attitudes towards Maria Teresa Ruta. Among other things, the English count had given the roommate the ‘borderline’ person: “But yes, she is borderline for me, ok that I am not a doctor, but for me it is so guys. That is a Borderline yes, probably also psychosis” – said.

Source: Mediaset

Now a month after those statements, Filippo has continued to rant against Ruta and has done so on social media. A few days ago the host had a nervous breakdown in the house after the tense day with Cecilia Capriotti. La Ruta in crisis has burst into tears. The videos of this outburst have made the rounds of social networks and under a published clip, Filippo Nardi commented with a synthetic: “Borderline“.

In a few minutes dozens of users responded by attacking the former gieffino, who decided to delete him immediately. Too bad that the world of the web does not forgive and is always cautious. So the screens went up Twitter, where a big controversy broke out over the British nobleman’s dig.

Filippo Nardi had also apologized

And to think that the former gieffino had regretted those statements and had publicly apologized to the family Route.

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Source: Mediaset

I must say he called me to offer his personal apology. He apologized to my family, I accepted his apology. That said, I find her language to have been deeply offensive to my mother and all women. But I also expect him to apologize to all the women who have felt offended”- confessed the daughter Guenda Goria guest a Live-It’s not D’Urso.

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