Films of the Hindenburg disaster were restored in color ????

YouTube channel Olden Days published a restoration via software adding color, 60 frames per second and resolution 4K, clearly shows how the 60% of passengers.

The LZ 129 Hindenburg was preparing for its final arrival at Frankfurt, Germany. The airship sailed for three days without incident until he approached the Lakehurst, NJ Station.

In that instant, the entire ship caught fire and within seconds it was completely burned, crashing to the ground.

Despite the shocking images, more than half of the people involved in the accident survived. In fact, of the 97 people on board (36 passengers and 61 crew members) only 35 died (the actual death toll is recorded as 36 because the accident also killed a man on the ground).

In the video you can see several people jumping out of the windows of the airship and running to the safest place. The small shadows that we see between the mist and the fire are people who are fleeing and who managed to escape the fatal outcome.

Some survivors were saved thanks to the rapid rescue that we also see in the restored sequence, people who were in the rubble and who were saved within seconds thanks to the rapid intervention.


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