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Final Fantasy 4’s Pixel Enhancer launches on Steam and Mobile in September • Eurogamer.net

Square Enix series of Pixel Remasters Final Fantasy continues on September 8th with Final Fantasy 4 arriving on Steam and mobile devices.

“In Final Fantasy 4,” explains Squire, “the Baron’s kingdom sends its fleet of elite aircraft, the Red Wings, to attack neighboring countries. Because of his mission, Cecil, the Dark Knight and captain of the Red Wings, decides to fight the tyrannical baron with his trusted friend and lover at his side. ” .

Final Fantasy 4’s pixel remodeling follows similar versions for the first three games, which features updated 2D characters and background graphics, a remastered soundtrack (overseen by original composer Nobuo Uematsu), improved gameplay, and a host of livable extras.

Pixel remastert Final Fantasy – Trailer starten.

On the gameplay front, there is an automatic combat option, updated console support, and a modern user interface. These quality of life improvements include the ability to save at any time. Finally, the updated zoom package is complementary additions, including a documentary photo gallery, an illustration gallery, and a music player.

Squares Final Fantasy 4-Pixel-Remaster then costs £ 12.99 Come to Steam on September 8th (the mobile versions will probably be a bit more expensive after the previous ones), previous buyers will get three specially rearranged music tracks – The Red Wings (Timelapse Remix), the theme of Final Fantasy 4 (Timelapse Remix). ), Battle 2 (Timelapse Remix) – plus 2 limited wallpapers, 20% discount.

There is also a Special Bundle available on Steam that will give players access to all of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters currently released, along with rates 5 and 6 if they arrive at a later date.

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