Final Fantasy XVI: Naoki Yoshida announces the arrival of a teaser site and explains the graphic choice of the first trailer

With the revelation last week of Final Fantasy XVI at the opening of the PS5 event, Square Enix ignited the Web, helped by a long trailer mixing cut-scenes and gameplay, which is quite rare when revealing such a project. On the occasion of programme Final Fantasy XIV: Yoshi-P Sanpo of TGS 2020 Online, Naoki Yoshida dropped a few words on the game, he who is the producer.

Yes, we will have to wait until 2021 to discover much more about the game, probably with another trailer, more next month we will have a few crumbs to satisfy our ogre appetite about her. Indeed, a teaser site will be launched at the end of October and the latter will contain information about the characters already introduced and the world of this sixteenth numbered episode. He also returned to the graphic quality of the trailer, explaining that the team wanted to show the game running in real time, and not the CGI. Its graphics are not yet settled, understand by this that the result will undoubtedly be better, the team currently working hard.

Final Fantasy XVI currently does not have a release window on PS5, but it should probably not take too long to appear compared to its painfully gestating predecessors … You can currently find FFXIV at € 49.99 on Amazon in his Complete Edition or Final Fantasy VII Remake at € 46.99 from the same retailer depending on your preference between solo and online play.

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