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Find out its theme, meaning and history today

New Delhi: The Coronavirus pandemic taught us the importance of nature. Forests function as one of the important chains of the ecosystem.

To celebrate these natural sources of the environment, March 21 is celebrated as International Forest Day worldwide. This year the day falls on a Saturday.

All the nations of the world come together to celebrate the day by committing to preserve their forests.

International Forest Day: history

On March 21, it was proclaimed International Day of Forests by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012.

Today the day is celebrated by the joint collaboration of the United Nations Forum on Forests and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in collaboration with the Collaborative Partnership on Forests and various other organizations.

International Forest Day: theme

Each year, the collaborative partnership on forests decides a theme to celebrate the day. For the year 2020, the theme is forests and biodiversity.

International Forest Day 2020: meaning

Forests are a sustainable source of resources, as they contribute decisively to the fight against climate change. This, in turn, guarantees the safety and well-being of the present and future generations.

To ensure a better life for years, we must take care of our forests and the wildlife that survives in them.

Today, almost a third of Earth’s landmass is covered by forests. As stated by the United Nations, they serve as livelihoods for around 1.6 billion people, including over 2,000 indigenous cultures.

They also host over 80% of terrestrial species of animals, plants and insects.

Therefore, it becomes our duty to celebrate the day by promising to deal with this abundant source of resources.


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