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“Fire, fire, here’s a psycho” – bus driver reports about violence


Knife attack in Lübeck “Fire, fire, here is a psycho” – bus driver reports violence

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The bus driver prevented worse in Lübeck

In a Lübeck public bus, a 34-year-old man attacked passengers with a knife and injured nine people. There are no indications of radical tendencies, details of the prosecution can be found here.

He is already a hero: During the knife attack on a Lübeck bus, the bus driver made a heartfelt attack. Eyewitnesses report horrible scenes. The exact condition of the injured is still unclear.

V oll busy is the white bus on the way from Lübeck to Ostseebad Travemünde on the way. Many people are on their way to the weekend on Friday afternoon. Some may want to go to the Travemünder Woche, which is scheduled to open in the evening. Suddenly dramatic scenes take place in the bus line 30 on the Travemünder Landstraße in the district Kücknitz.

Shortly before the stop Kücknitz station one of the passengers stabbed with a knife on other passengers. At 1.47 pm the police are alerted. The driver reacts with the spirit: he stops the bus and opens the doors so that people can escape. Then other riders can overwhelm the attacker.

Officials arrest the alleged perpetrator a short time later, locking the area around the bus stop. The perpetrator is in police custody, says Ulla Hingst, spokeswoman for the Lübeck prosecutor. The bus driver and nine other people were injured in the violence in the district Kücknitz, three of them seriously. A victim of this, according to Hingst by knife wounds. For the other two, the reason for the injuries was still unknown.

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Knife attack in Lübeck bus

The facts of the case and their exact sequence are still unclear on Friday evening. According to the prosecutor, the alleged perpetrator is a 34-year-old German citizen. According to Hingst, he was born in Iran, but has been a German citizen for many years. His residence is Lübeck. The alleged perpetrator had a backpack with accelerator, which was lit in the bus. There are no indications of an explosive device. The suspect is silent on the allegations. The prosecutor wants to obtain a warrant for attempted deliberate arson, dangerous bodily harm and assault against the man.

“As if two peoples attack each other”

He heard terrible shouting, says local resident Lothar Heuer. “As if two peoples attack each other.” Then he hastened to help. The “Lübeck News” quote an eyewitness of the incident: “One of the victims had just offered his place to an elderly woman, as the offender stabbed him in the chest. It was a carnage. “The eyewitness is looked after by the police after the violence. A local resident describes the event as follows: “The passengers jumped out of the bus and shouted. It was awful.”

Alleged perpetrator is silent on Lübeck knife attack

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Large-scale operation in Lübeck: A man pulls a knife in a bus and begins to stab passengers indiscriminately. Several people are injured, one of them seriously.

Worse prevented probably the driver of the bus, Peter S .. Opposite the newspaper he told of the terrible seconds. On the bus, ladies would suddenly have shouted, “Fire, fire, this is a psycho.” He looked at it in the rearview mirror and discovered the flames. He drove directly to the right and watched that all passengers could get off the bus.

When the bus of the bus began to burn, he had resorted to the fire extinguisher, which he always had on board. “I started making three four shots, I get on the wrong foot – with something from the culprit,” he says in a calm voice. This probably wanted to prevent the deletion action. At that time, but also already police and fire department arrived. Schleswig-Holstein’s Interior Minister Hans-Joachim Grote (CDU) said in the evening that the driver had acted “quickly and courageously”. “He deserves a big thank you.”

Investigators do not rule out anything at present

Riddles prevails on Friday evening on the motives of the alleged perpetrator. “Nothing can be ruled out, not even a terrorist background,” says Hingst. But there are no such hints. Further findings hope the officials of the scheduled for the evening hearing of the man.

Grote and Lübeck Mayor Jan Lindenau (SPD) made themselves at the scene a picture of the situation. Lindenau then spoke of “a horrible act”. Grote was already in the area anyway. He originally wanted to attend the opening of the Travemünder Woche. That would be after the act of violence in the bus but “really out of place,” he said.

Knife attack in Lübeck bus

Hans-Joachim Grote (CDU, l), Minister of the Interior of Schleswig-Holstein, and Jan Lindenau (SPD), Mayor of Lübeck, can be informed at the scene of the police

Source: dpa / Markus Scholz

Now the investigators investigate the background of the alleged perpetrator. “All of this is currently underway, with both the police and the intelligence service,” says Grote. The authorities examined whether there were suspicious connections of the man. “But according to the current state, this is not known at least now.” Even according to the prosecutor, there is no evidence of radicalization of the alleged perpetrator.

After the bus was towed in the early evening, white extinguishing agent remains on the Travemünder Allee. There the bus had stopped during the attack.



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