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First case reported in Hispanic patient with a serious tumor in the nerves of the hand

César Fuquen Leal
Latin Agency for News of Medicine and Public Health

In Puerto Rico, several doctors performed one of the most challenging surgeries. And it is that a 42-year-old man who presented pain and numbness of the first three fingers of his right hand for a year, he had a palpable and painful mass in the volar aspect of his wrist that increased in size in the months prior to his evaluation.

“When we investigated his history, the patient had an enlargement of the second and third fingers of the right hand, better known as macrodactyla (when the phalanges or the last phalanx are larger than normal) from a very young age. Upon viewing his symptoms, clinical presentation, and ultrasound images, the patient was diagnosed with “lipofibromatosis hamartoma”, A rare and benign tumor, capable of causing carpal tunnel syndrome. The patient underwent surgery led by our specialist in hand surgery, Dr. Christian Foy, to free the transverse ligament of his wrist ”, explained Dr. Marcos Pincci, orthopedic resident in dialogue with the Medicine and Health Journal Public (MSP).

According to Dr. Pincci, the patient presented to the orthopedic clinic with pain, numbness, and swelling in the first three fingers of his right hand.

“He told us that he woke up at night due to his symptoms. It made it difficult for him to eat and to carry out his job in the labor industry, ”added Dr. Pincci.

Relevance at a clinical and scientific level

When asking the doctor about the importance of this case in the medical-scientific literature, he argued that this is the first reported case of a “lipofibromatosis hamartoma” associated with macrodactyl

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in a Hispanic patient.

“Only about 200 cases of ‘lipofibromatous hamartoma’ have been reported in the scientific literature. Most cases of this tumor have been reported in patients of Caucasian ethnicity. This is the first case reported in a Hispanic patient ”, confirmed the doctor.

Recommendation to the medical union

After highlighting the difficult diagnosis that the 42-year-old patient faced, Dr. Pincci urges doctors that when they show symptoms of carpal tunnel, a condition in which there is excessive pressure on the median nerve of the hand, they should give him Take great care to avoid adverse effects such as those of the patient in question.

“We urge our physicians to consider as a possible diagnosis of” lipofibromatous hamartoma “patients who present with symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, together with macrodactyl with a palpable mass on their wrist,” concluded Dr. Pincci in dialogue with MSP.

Dr. Pincci was part of the team of doctors who authored this case and they are all part of the Orthopedic Section of the Medical Sciences Campus (RCM) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR).

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