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First corona deaths in Germany – Clinic in Hesse introduces quick drive-in test

On Monday afternoon the time had come – according to the authorities, the first two deaths due to the novel corona virus were confirmed in Germany, both in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. As a result, one person died in Heinsberg and one in Essen – here pictures of another corona clarification center in Berlin. Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday in Berlin that they were trying to gain time to prepare for a possible big corona wave: Original sound: “Nothing of what was and is done with quarantine and hygiene measures to interrupt the infection chains and it is in vain or senseless. On the contrary, all of it is necessary, literally necessary, because we are all helping to slow the spread of the virus and stretch it over a longer period of time Goal of all our efforts. ” A clinic in Groß-Gerau in Hesse has meanwhile introduced a “Corona Drive-In” rapid test. However, the test in the clinic’s parking lot is only possible after prior notification. The patients do not have to and must not leave their car for this, as the managing director of the district clinic says here, Erika Raab: Original sound: “The patients register by phone, there is a triage (German name: Sifting or classification), so we ask whether they are from certain areas, whether they belong to high-risk patients, whether they have symptoms, an assessment is made as to whether a test is indicated, and if so, we state the time in which the test was carried out certain patients at certain times, a certain amount. This test is carried out in the parking lot. Our doctor moves to the patient, takes the smear, the card is scanned, and that’s it. The patient drives home. We call the laboratory, The laboratories collect samples twice a day and the patient is informed of the result within 24 hours. ” Numerous drug manufacturers worldwide are involved in the search for medication and a vaccine against the coronavirus, according to the association. There are at least 16 projects for vaccines, about half each in companies and in research institutes. So far, no vaccine has started testing with volunteers. A vaccine will therefore be on the market at the earliest in twelve to 18 months. Medications for the treatment of corona disease should go faster. Their suitability is currently being tested in clinical studies with Covid 19 patients.

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