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First corona, then diabetes? Researchers from Ulm study the influence on the pancreas

Diabetes-like symptoms after corona disease

That the coronavirus not only hits the respiratory tract, but also the digestive tract due to an illness, that Cardiovascular system and the nervous system can be affected is known. But Corona also affects the metabolism. That could explain diabetes-like symptoms in corona patients. Researchers at Ulm University have investigated how this can happen.

Corona disrupts regulation of the blood sugar level

The study was published in the journal “Nature Metabolism”. It says: “Initially, the Covid-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 was viewed as an exclusive lung disease that ultimately leads to serious respiratory problems”. This assumption is long out of date. Now comes too Diabetes as a result?

“In patients with Covid 19 disease, there are always courses in which the regulation of the Blood sugar level is disturbed “, explains Professor Martin Wagner from the University of Ulm. The symptoms range from high blood sugar levels to hyperacidity of the blood.

Professor Alexander Kleger, one of the study directors, says: “Current studies report on the deterioration of known ‘diabetes mellitus’ diseases, but also on cases of new diabetes after suffering from Covid-19 disease.”

Diabetes as a long-term consequence of Corona?

To clarify the question of whether diabetes can be a possible long-term long-term consequence in corona patients, more studies need to be carried out, the researchers say. First of all it was examined how it was supposed to Diabetes Symptoms in the event of illness caused by the coronavirus.

The researchers took tissue from the pancreas brought into contact with the coronavirus. This showed that certain cells can be infected with the virus, the so-called beta cells. They form insulin and with its help the glucose uptake in the cells is increased and thus the blood sugar level is lowered.

This shows the influence of the coronavirus on the pancreas, causing some patients to experience symptoms that are comparable to those of diabetes.

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