First details of new Civilization VI DLC revealed

Firaxis Games proposed extending itself for longer with its latest Civilization VI, for which he enabled an expansions pass. In a way, it is nothing more than a season pass with which you are receiving quite a lot of news in the game. After including new civilizations and game modes, it’s time to talk about what will come in the coming weeks. From the studio reveal the first details of the new DLC of Civilization VI.

A video in the Civilization VI official channel it serves as a first contact with a content pack that seems to be more extensive than it seems. In this video they focus on exposing two new wonders, the Biosphere and the Statue of Zeus. But it also serves as a preview of other content they are preparing.

In the same way are exposed new maps, such as the mountain type and a new game mode called “Dramatic Ages” or Dramatic Ages. In this mode it seems to be especially propelled into the golden ages, and the dark ages become a major drag on the sufferer. For now, it is a small preview of the launch plans and possibly there is a direct in which they delve into the aspects of these novelties.

And among the contents they present, although not entirely, we find two future civilizations, such as would be the Byzantine Empire and the Gallic Empire. In order to learn more about these two new empires that would be added to the extensive cast available, we will have to wait for them to delve into their virtues in a new direct or trailer.

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Civilization VI is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch y PC.

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