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First laptops with Intel Arc GPU expected in April

Intel announces details about its upcoming GPU models and the devices equipped with its graphics units. The first laptops with Intel’s A-Series GPU are expected to hit the market in April. All Arc GPUs are based on the XE HPG (High Performance Graphics) microarchitecture and are said to offer DirectX 12 Ultimate, Ray Tracing, XE Super Sampling, AV1 Hardware Acceleration and more. Samsung’s Galaxy Book 2 Pro is to make the start for laptops, as “Engadget” reports. The two Arc 3 models, Arc A350M and A370M, will be the first to be launched, with the high-end Arc 5 and Arc 7 models to follow in the summer.

Also expected in the summer are the desktop versions of the Arc GPU, for which no technical details are known yet, as can be seen in a second article from “Engadget”. The desktop cards are a bit late, which could become a problem for Intel, as both Nvidia and AMD are expected to offer stiff competition with this year’s RTX 40 and Radeon RX 7000 models. Mainly because the Intel cards have not yet been able to prove themselves, the new models from the competition are likely to provide more competition than the processor giant would like. (win)

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