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First time, astronomers see the back of a black hole!

KONTAN.CO.ID – NEW YORK. Astronomers have managed to see behind a black hole for the first time. This also proves that Albert Einstein was right about how this mysterious celestial giant behaves.

Launch The Telehraph, an international team of researchers used a high-powered X-ray telescope to study a supermassive black hole 800 million light-years away at the center of a distant galaxy.

The researchers saw the typical features of black holes, but they also saw light-in the form of X-rays-emitted by the far side of black holes.

Black holes are born when a giant star explodes in a supernova and then collapses on its own. This occurrence forms an incomprehensible solid material that engulfs everything around it in general. Therefore, it should be impossible to see light from the back of the black hole.

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However, Einstein’s dogmatic theory of general relativity predicted in 1915 that the gravitational pull of black holes might be so great that they bend the fabric of space, rotate magnetic fields, and bend light.

As a result, Einstein’s work asserts that it should be possible for us to see light waves emitted from the far side of a black hole due to a distorted magnetic field that acts as a mirror.

Experts accepted the theory, but were unable to observe the phenomenon directly until now, thanks to modern telescopes and the development of highly sensitive instruments.

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