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This World Day of Recycling is celebrated on May 17th, although it is not an initiative promoted by Unesco, it has gained importance in recent years with the aim of raising awareness in society about the importance of treating waste as appropriate. .

The basis of the movement is in the three R's rule, which refers to the initials of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It was designed by Koizumi Junichiro, the then prime minister of Japan, during the G8 Summit in 2004. RETINA wants to propose its grain with a short list of applications that can help you in this task.

  • A.I.R., the assistant of Ecoembes that recognizes photos

Do you have doubts about where to throw some containers because of their composition or appearance? To help solve this problem, Ecoembes has created the Intelligent Recycling Assistant, A.I.R-e, a chatbot that, according to the company, "was born to give an immediate answer to all the doubts and inquiries of the citizen regarding recycling".

Created by TheCircularLab, the Ecoembes circular economy innovation center, and developed by Accenture, AIR-e uses Artificial Intelligence to provide interactive information, instantly, on different issues related to the recycling of containers, and in which container it should deposit each container and the material of which it is composed, but also with the recycling of another kind of waste, such as furniture, furniture and textiles.

A.I.R-e not only works through the recognition of voice and text, but is able to recognize, through photographs, the type of waste on which the user has doubts. Thus, the citizen can send images of those who want to recycle and do not know well where to do it and will receive "an immediate response".

  • My little plastic footprint, the game to make you aware of the problem

Some time ago we told you about My little plastic footprint. This app is designed to make us aware of the seriousness of the matter and help us solve it with very specific actions of the day to day. It proposes a Trivial type game with information about pollution in the oceans and the consumption of personal plastic. And, later, personalized challenges to reduce the consumption of plastics, especially those for single use.

Also, pSubmit commitments that you can accept or reject. For example: "When I ask for a drink, I'll ask them not to put a straw on me." And estimate how much plastic you will reduce with this commitment: "How many straws do you have to reject per week?" If you reject three each week, you are reducing 15 grams of plastic per week.

  • Reciclaya, the Carrefour app to help recycle

The French supermarket chain launched an app this year that allows consumers to know "how to recycle the products they buy by scanning a barcode printed on the ticket". Thus, Reciclaya separates the products into virtual containers so that users of the app "know where to dispose of waste in the nearest container". Each time the consumer makes use of the application, "the users get points" that can later be exchanged for other products, in the supermarkets of the chain.

As the company explained to Efe recently, this app is part of the company's "commitment to sustainability", which is committed to making all its packaging "100% recyclable". The Carrefour application is available in both iOS and Android.

  • Clean point, the app to recycle electronic waste

Punto Limpio is a complete search engine created by the Ecotic Foundation, which includes more than 1,700 points of delivery of this type of waste distributed by all the autonomous communities of Spain, in order to facilitate that citizens can channel them properly, thus contributing to their correct recycling and avoid its negative impact on the environment and the health of people, according to the company itself.

In addition to the functions of automatic localization and agile and simple search of waste delivery points, the application tries to explain peculiarities of the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment by explaining the processes of management and usual treatment of appliances such as mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators or air conditioners, among others. This app is available for free for iOS and Android devices.

  • When finishing recycling, the Ecovidrio contest

Ecovidrio launched the app and the website in 2015 When it finished recycling. With it, the user participates in the contest of the non-profit company. Every time you go to recycle, you will find a BIDI code that you must capture. Each reading will give you the opportunity to take one of the 600 movie tickets that are raffled among participants that capture at least 20 codes.

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