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five cars were involved, three of them destroyed!

It was around 8:30 p.m. this Sunday evening when a spectacular road accident occurred on rue Ernest Martel in Ecaussinnes. At the origin of the crash, two cars which were heading towards the station: a Polo and a VW Golf. The Polo has visibly braked. The Golf following her rammed her and was swerved to the left, hitting a car traveling in the opposite direction. The Polo, meanwhile, collided with two cars parked on the right of the road: a BMW and a Renault Capture, which was “thrown” onto the sidewalk.

Residents claim to have heard honking a few moments before the shock. According to local residents, the crash caused by the collision was impressive.

►► According to our information, three cars were completely destroyed.

►► For local residents who saw the damaged cars, it seems clear that the Polo and the Golf were driving at high speed.

►► According to the Haute Senne police, the driver of the Polo and the Golf were both driving under the influence of alcohol.

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