Five Important Warnings from the Body, Signs of Troubled Lungs

WJtoday, Bandung – Lungs are vital organs in the body so having healthy lungs will make humans live more optimally.

However, many people often experience complaints and changes related to the work pattern of their lungs which have become warnings from the body but tend to be ignored and eventually become serious problems.

For that you need to know the signs given by the body that your lungs are problematic so that they can be treated as early as possible.

Here Nutritionist from India Lovneet Batra shares five important warnings that the body gives that your lungs have problems quoting from the Indian Express, Saturday (25/9/21).

Chest pain

Chest pain that lasts more than one month is the first sign to watch out for whether the lung is in danger or not.

If you have chest pain that gets worse when you breathe or when you cough, it is an important warning that something is wrong with your lungs.

Chronic phlegm

Sputum is the production of the respiratory tract as a sign of the body of infection and irritation.

If you experience excessive phlegm, for example, within a month, this condition could be an indication that something is wrong with your lungs.

Weight loss drastically

Did you suddenly lose weight even though you weren’t dieting or exercising?

Be careful, that is another important signal sent by the body, indicating that a part of your body is being eaten away by a tumor.

Actually, this drastic weight loss is not only a special sign for problematic lungs. But it is also a signal from the body that there are vital organs that are attacked by tumors.

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But if this sign is accompanied by the previous two signs, it means that you most likely have a problem with a lung condition.

Respiratory changes

In addition to chest pain, when you breathe and feel tight or tired easily turns out to be a sign that your lungs are not doing well.

“The buildup of fluid from carcinoma or tumors that have blocked the airways can be one of the causes of shortness of breath and make breathing uncomfortable,” Lovneet said.

Cough continuously until coughing up blood

A persistent cough for more than a month, especially if it is accompanied by blood, is considered a chronic condition.

It is the most important symptom and tells you that your respiratory system is in trouble.

You are obliged to consult a pulmonologist or doctor regarding this condition so that unwanted things can be avoided.

In addition, if it is still not chronic, then your lungs can get the right treatment and as a result you will be able to return to health as usual.***


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