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Five quick applications: Silesia – Lech 0: 1 – KKSLECH.com – KKS Lech Poznań

Five quick conclusions is a series that briefly describes a given Lech Poznań match. Before presenting the pros and cons of a given match, match analysis, post-match statistics, analysis of the player’s game or choosing the best action for Kolejorz, we present five quick post-match conclusions. Several dozen minutes after each match, five insights into the performance of the team and individual players are hot.

Colorless first half

The first minutes looked promising and announced an interesting, offensive game of both teams. Unfortunately, with time the game started to break down, there were more tactics, good organization of the game in the middle of the field than offensive actions or shots. Silesia was readying for counterattacks, it did not open up, it waited calmly for its chances, giving the impression of a team satisfied with a draw. On the other hand, Lech played too slowly, predictably, he set himself up for good organization in the middle of the pitch instead of pressing his opponent and trying to take advantage of a possible error in the defense. For 45 minutes, Lech created one really dangerous situation for himself, when Kamiński released Kownacki, he found Amaral in the penalty area, but the Portuguese, unfortunately, missed the ball cleanly. In the first 45 minutes, the determination of Kolejorz, which Maciej Skorża spoke about before the match, who wanted his team to win at all costs, was not visible. After the first game it smelled like a boring goalless draw, or a single goal victory for Silesia after some farfocle.

The beginning of the second edition in Lech style

The beginning of the second 45 minutes was truly Lech. Lech again came out for the second half incredibly charged, he scored a goal again in the first quarter of an hour after the break, this time hitting the substitute Michał Skóras. The 22-year-old winger gave a great change, as the thoroughbred side midfielder first broke off on the right side, and then with a strong shot on the ground and with the help of a post took the team from Poznań to the lead. The next goal in the first quarter of an hour after the break is very good news, the Lechites in this competition have already scored a dozen such goals, it is their big advantage that allows you to turn a blind eye to the often unspectacular first scenes by our team.

Lech is different, Lech is different

A 1-0 goal changed Lech immediately. The team from Poznań played faster, more efficiently, with more ease, they felt very good in the counterattack and in situations where they had a bit more space. The attitude in the second half of Amaral, Skóraś and Kownacki deserves a plus, these three in many situations fueled Lech’s attacks after the break, the game at the front was much more pleasing to the eye after the change of sides than in the first 45 minutes, when the offensive actions lacked an idea and panache. Apart from a few quick actions in the middle of the field, the ability to hold the ball is also noteworthy. After the 80th minute of the game, the Lechites did not panic, did not withdraw, having the ball calmly played it on the ground, using short, thoughtful plays. At the time of the positional attack, the whole team behaved responsibly, none of the players with the ball at their feet panicked, thought about what he was doing on the pitch and did not irritate the losses that could drive the team of Silesia.

An all-important victory

In such matches, the Polish Championship is won. Lech Poznań was able to tear an important victory on a very difficult terrain, after a break for the national team, without much preparation for this match and in an experimental line-up. After the national team camps, not all players were in optimal physical shape, which is why, among others, Karlstrom sat on the bench yesterday. There are also a few micro-injuries in the team and Mikael Ishak and Antonio Miicia got a rotavirus. The Swede came to Wrocław, but found himself unable to play 100%. Milić ran for only 45 minutes, the Croatian during the break was too weak to continue the game, so Maciej Skorża was forced for the first time in history to test a pair of stopwatches in the form of Kędziora and Satka. After the match, the coach did not hide his joy from winning in the experimental squad, according to him it was one of Lech’s best matches this season in terms of mentality, it was a match in which his team showed character by being able to face a difficult situation. Consistency, stubbornness, good efficiency and an individual flash allowed Kolejorz to achieve the second victory in a row, a victory on uncomfortable terrain for years. Lech won the game, although he did not play beautifully, but for this one goal on Friday he was better than Silesia with worse players.

You have to put it together somehow

The style can be ignored, at the end of the 2021/2022 season, points are the most important, and those in the set went to Poznań, allowing Lech to return to the league peak for at least a dozen or so hours. Now, in front of a slightly broken team, a challenge in which there is no stumbling over. In just 3 days, Lech Poznań is playing in Grudziądz for the Polish Cup final, there is no other option than the victory of Kolejorz in this match, which is a big favorite for promotion and must fulfill this role. The coaches have 3 more days to put Lech together somehow, to put individual players on their feet, who will be able to handle both the Polish Cup 1/2 finals on Tuesday and with Legia on Saturday. Fortunately, the infections that Mikael Ishak and Antonio Milić are going through are not serious, if no one falls out of the squad after the match with Silesia, we will definitely be stronger on Tuesday than on Friday.

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