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Act quickly

“People do not wear winding at the earliest stages,” says Ian Burgess, director of the Medical Medicine Center in Cambridge, whose research is mentioned in the Nice guidelines on this ongoing problem. “We often get people with hundreds and occasionally thousands of lice,” he says. Dee Wright, owner of The Hairforce, says a chain of self-styled “assassins”: “If you check your child's hair and find the bottom of nits (eggs), you should be verifying immediately, rather than staying at the live head spot. It is good to do a weekly check. ”

Choose your weapon wisely

Compost comb

‘With thick or long hair, you have to spend 20 to 30 minutes per session. 'Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto

Many of Britain's best nithers are ineffective, Burgess says: “There are so wide gaps that lice and nephews can go through.” He recommends using a plastic detection comb. “It must be rigid, and there must be squares on the front, to catch the legs of the lice. is available on the NHS (free to children diagnosed with lice). “It's not to be done in five minutes,” says Burgess. “With thick or long hair, you have to spend 20 to 30 minutes per session. If you have found a dozen and think you have done a good job, it is probably not – there are at least a dozen hidden. "

Comb with care

Hair conditioner

Detangle the first hair and use conditioner. Photo: Shinypix / Alamy

“There are delicately moving and scarf dishes when you touch the hair,” says Wright. If the head is divided into parts, nothing can be avoided. Detangle the first hair and use conditioner. Metal combs can, in particular, cut individual hairs, Burgess says. “We have even come across fictional seams, where the comb is released in the small knots that look and feel like nits,” he says. “So if you are going to make a comb, you must use lubricants and do it carefully.”

Forget chemical pesticides

Burgess says that since 1995 we have known pesticide lice in the UK, but chemical pesticide treatment is still being sold – and are often recommended by pharmacists and prescribed by doctors. “GPs are not listened to,” he said. “It is not surprising that there are many lice.” T

Play the long game

Silicone-based shampoo treatment, otherwise known as physical pesticides, could effectively destroy lice, but some of their nights can be killed to survive. “We looked at almost 1,895 case records,” says Burgess. “Most of those who had young lice have treated them in the first week, but the latest case was 13 days.

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