Five ways to strengthen human lungs before and after coronavirus COVID-19

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Coravirus pneumonia lasts longer than flu, but there are ways to protect the lungs. RIA Novosti writes about them with reference to the latest research by scientists.

When coronavirus pandemics, the infection affects the walls of the capillaries, immune cells, due to which microthrombi are formed in the lungs. As a result, the body does not receive oxygen in the required amount, the person develops shortness of breath, the newspaper writes.

Scientists from Austria have conducted a study involving 86 patients who have recovered from coronavirus. All complained of coughing, shortness of breath, and heaviness in the chest 6 weeks after recovery. In 88% of patients, CT showed lung involvement even with a negative covid test. Improvement came 12 weeks after recovery.

As explained by the doctor at the John Haakon Bayview Medical Center Panagis Galiazatos, at first the lesions on the lungs are healed, and after that they begin to heal. This process takes from three months to a year or more.

To strengthen the respiratory system, he recommended to forget about diets for a while, so as not to deplete the body, and to eat well. It is advisable to add breathing exercises and sports loads. Physical activity increases the concentration of the EcSOD enzyme in the body, which protects skeletal muscles and successfully fights disease.


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