Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Flacco says he will not be annoyed with questions about Jackson, because I think we will win.

For years Joe Flacco has been (at best) in the lower half of the league's starting quarterbacks. Since winning the 2010 Super Bowl, Flacco has set a 38-36 starter record, completing 63 percent of his passes at only 6.5 yards per attempt, while throwing 98 touchdowns against 74 interceptions. During this five-year period, Flacco ranks 40th in yards per attempt among the 46 players who have thrown at least 500 passes, as well as 37th in the touchdown rate, 32th in the interception rate and 36th in the passer rating.

The main reason why Flacco still has his job as quarterback of the Ravens is his oversized contract, which was extended a few years ago to give Baltimore more leeway under the hood. For performance reasons, he is not yet at the start, but his performance is not good for a starter – let alone one who earns as much salary as Flacco.

But the end of his tenure could be close as the Ravens finally designed his apparent follower by turning to select No. 32 to land former Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson. Jackson was obviously so impressive during the offseason program that the Ravens figure out how to get him into the field while Flacco remains the first choice.

For his part, Flacco is not worried that he might lose his job – or the questions that come from people debating whether Jackson should move up to the QB1 role.

The Ravens have not done that has gained much in recent years, 8-8, 10 6, 5-11, 8-8 and 9-7 since the Super Bowl win. They were basically just the definition of an average league team, even though they had one of the best defenses in the league at that time.

If the Raven want to step forward, their offensive is the unit that needs to increase, and it seems unlikely that Flacco is at the helm. He is 33 years old and at this point he is what he is. Whether that means they should just hand the job over to Jackson is another question, but there will certainly be questions later this season.

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