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Flea bites can be very dangerous, transmitting Powassan virus, female victims – All pages

A tick bites this dead woman.

GridHEALTH.id Fleas are animals that need to be guarded because they can carry disease.

A woman in Connecticut, USA, even died of a tick bite.

Reported from NBC NewsThe woman tested positive for Powassan virus infection (POWV) at the Connecticut Department of Public Health on Tuesday (7/6/2022).

The 90-year-old woman fell ill in early May and died in the middle of last month.

This is the second case of the Powassan virus, after a resident of Maine also died after being hospitalized, according to the Maine CDC.

Manisha Juthani, the Connecticut Public Health Commissioner, said the woman’s death in Connecticut served as a reminder to prevent tick bites.

In the United States, the virus is usually found in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions, where deer ticks are most common.

Ten years ago, most cases were reported in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Wisconsin and New York.

In 2020, there were 20 cases of Powassan virus. While in 2019, there were 39 cases.

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Women in Connecticut have experienced symptoms such as fever, mood swings, headaches, chills, chest pain and nausea.

It was removed from her body two weeks before symptoms appeared and laboratory tests showed she had antibodies to the Powassan virus.

While in Maine, he underwent hospitalization to experience neurological symptoms.

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Launch CDCPowassan virus is caused by biting an infected tick and the rare cases.

In addition to being experienced by two women in the United States, Powassan virus also has symptoms such as the following, which appear a week or a month after the bite.

Powassan virus infection from tick bites can be rare.


Powassan virus infection from tick bites can be rare.

* Powassan virus can cause serious illness, such as brain infection (encephalitis) or meningitis.

* If the condition is severe, it can cause confusion, loss of coordination skills, difficulty speaking, and convulsions.

* As many as 1 in 10 infected people die.

* If they recover, on average, they experience prolonged health problems such as headaches, loss of muscle mass and strength, and difficulty remembering.

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To date, no vaccine or drug has been used to treat this infectious disease.

If the condition is severe, the patient should be rushed to the hospital for intensive care, such as breathing, hydration, or reducing inflammation in the brain.

So don’t underestimate a flea bite, even if it’s small it can be very dangerous. Especially those who carry the virus.

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