Flights canceled due to bad weather at San Antonio International Airport – Telemundo San Antonio (60)

SAN ANTONIO – The winter storm hitting the entire state of Texas has led to the cancellation of dozens of flights at San Antonio International Airport.

Tonya Hope, a spokeswoman for the airport, confirmed that the terminals will remain open, but air traffic is not expected to resume until Monday afternoon.

“Adverse weather conditions are occurring throughout the United States, so it is important to check the status of your flight,” said Hope.

The takeoff list marked all canceled morning flights, including destinations such as Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Chicago, Houston, and Denver. The closest flight to depart would be at 1:45 pm to Monterrey, Mexico.

Likewise, incoming flights were canceled until about noon on Monday.

However, airlines could continue to make changes if bad weather continues to pose a risk to their staff and travelers.

If you have a pending trip or are waiting to receive visits, enter here to check the flight status.


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