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Flooding in Ålen

Title: Urgent Update: Flooding Emergency Hits Ålen Center


In a recent update from Ålen center at 8 p.m., a reporter from Fjell-Ljom provides a firsthand account of the developing situation. With a fire truck on standby at Meltem’s restaurant, the fire brigade is currently working to pump out water. As the water threatens to infiltrate various locations, sandbags have been strategically placed in front of the library and Meltem’s to mitigate potential damage. Amidst this chaos, concerned residents Ann Elisabet Hansvold and Torild Løvdal emphasize the importance of staying at home, particularly for vulnerable individuals. Furthermore, Ålen vassverk has reported a leakage in the wiring network, leading to uncertain operating conditions. As the municipality issues warnings and updates, emergency personnel work tirelessly to manage the flooding, digging up gutters, and monitoring the critical areas. The situation grows increasingly precarious, as rivers overflow and homes become at risk.

Note: Please note that the updates provided in this introduction are subject to change as the situation unfolds.

The article is updated.

Update from Ålen center at 8 p.m.:

Fjell-Ljom’s reporter reports that a fire truck with blue lights is standing by Meltem’s restaurant. He reports that the fire brigade is in the process of pumping water.
– They have now laid out sandbags around the entrance to the biliotheque to try to prevent the water from penetrating.

SANDBAGS IN FRONT OF THE LIBRARY: The fire service has placed sandbags in front of the library to try to prevent the water from entering through the doors.

MELTEMS: The fire service has also laid out sandbags at Meltem’s restaurant

Urges people to stay at home

Fjell-Ljom’s reporter on the spot met Ann Elisabet Hansvold and Torild Løvdal on Graftåsveien not far from the bridge over the Litj-Rena. He describes the situation as the water hitting the railing and the masses of water slamming against the stones under the bridge.

– Ann Elisabeth Hansvold, what do you want to say about all that is happening here now?

– I think it’s disgusting and disgusting, we have the flood from before fresh in our memory. When I drove home from Røros this afternoon, I was very surprised by the torrential rain and how much water was on the roads. When we see how it is here now, I think we have to stand up for each other and notify where we see it is poor, so that bridges can possibly be closed. And we have to take care of each other. I think of the elderly and those who are not so mobile and who sit at home in their houses, we also have to take care of them. And then we have to consider who will be evacuated.


– What have you been doing for the last couple of hours, Torild Løvdal?

– I have been out and inspected, and I must say I am a little worried about the bridge we are standing next to, because the water is now going over the road and now we have been in contact with the police, because they have to make an assessment about whether the bridge must be closed. I see that some dare to drive over with a car, while others turn around and drive another way.

– What do you think about the risk of driving over the bridge, as some people now do?

– It’s like it would ideally go well, but you can’t actually know that, and the ground is saturated with water. The forces that are in the bodies of water now will wear on the foundations below, so I would encourage people to stay indoors unless they have to go out.

Leakage in the wiring network

A little after 19:00 on Monday evening, Ålen vassverk sent out the following message:

“INFO TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS! A leak has occurred in the wiring network. The situation is unclear for large parts of the night, and we cannot therefore say when we expect normal operating conditions. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to collect as much rainwater as possible until new information arrives. »

The municipality’s notifications

At 18.15, Holtålen municipality sent out the following SMS message to residents:

“There is limited access on several of the side roads and in some places on FV30. We ask people to stay at home. The municipality’s website is kept up to date.”

Half an hour earlier, at 17.45, they sent out the following message:

“Because of the rain, the situation is very unclear, especially in Ålen. We ask people to stay indoors. More information will be posted on the municipality’s website in due course. Greetings Holtålen municipality. »

Digging up gutters

Emergency manager for fire, Jan Tore Næss, was himself at the place where the water had flooded a residential building in the center of Ålen.

– Can you say something about where the water comes from?

– There is a gutter that is close under the courtyard where we are standing. Therefore, the stream overflows opposite the house. Now we have to dig up the drain so we can get the water away from the houses, says Jan Tore Næss

– What happens next, the water continues towards Ålentorget. It also looks a bit poor for the library?

– Yes, I have just spoken to Gjøran Gjersvold, who is responsible in the municipality. He confirms that there is no water in the library yet, but they are watching and will let us know if they happen. We have pumping equipment so we can help them. At the same time, we have received a message that there is water in yet another house in Ålen, so we will go there and clean it up as soon as we are done here

– Where is the house?

– It is also located here in the center of Ålen.

Olderåa has found a new race

It is Olderåa that has cleaned its banks and found a new course. It now flows over Fylkesveg 30 further over a field and out into Gaula.

Fjell-Ljom’s web editor Marius Haugan Lillegjære himself lives in Graftåsveien in Ålen. He says that his house is exposed, but for now it looks safe, looks safe.

– Right now the Litj-Rena looks as if it is about to overflow. Gaula has risen by one meter in the last two hours. They are both brown and it is beginning to resemble the situation before the flood in 2011, he says.

He further says that the county road is drivable.

– The water runs over the road, but it runs off and on into the terrain, so the road in Ålen is drivable as of now, he confirms at 18.05

WATER IN THE BUILDING: Krister Hårstad confirms over Fjell-Ljom on Monday evening that water has penetrated Vognbua.

The library exposed

At 6.16 p.m., Haugan Lillrgøre stands at the intersection from Graftåsvegen and into the health center and the library.

– Here, water is now flowing straight across the walkway and towards the library. There is a risk that the water will enter the library. If the water rises another 10-15 centimetres, I consider that the water will penetrate, he says.

THE LIBRARY: – The water is flowing in towards the library, says Fjell-Ljom’s reporter on the scene at 18.15.

ÅLEN CENTER. The water flows through the center of Ålen

MUNICIPAL HOUSING: This is what it looks like on the parking lot outside the municipal hall in Ålen at 6.25pm ​​on Monday

Below you can see more pictures in the picture gallery from the ravages of the water.

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