Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

FN: the big unpacking that could hurt Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen is it worried to be done? This may well be the case, according to information from the Huffington Post who met Sophie Montel. This historical militant of the National Front who left her party of heart to follow Florian Philippot and join the Patriots. After taking out the Montel list which denounced the existence of supposedly fictitious jobs in European political groups, she is preparing to release a new book against “branquignoles of the FN who think they are all allowed,” she says. to our fellow Huffington Post. “What binds this party is money.” Those who refused to play the game all found themselves tricards, “she does not hesitate to declare.

While Sophie Montel does not yet know what title she will give to her book that will deal with his disillusionment with the FN, she announced that it will be released in 2019, just before the European elections. Statements that will no doubt be of interest to the judicial authorities investigating the case of parliamentary assistants. Sophie Montel assures, everything will appear in his book. She describes the front-run group in the European Parliament as “A group of mafios sitting in sandwiches, and when a blonde asks a question, they spit at her: ‘Do not touch the gray bitch!’” Except this blonde, it was her. “At each session, we spent 10 minutes on political topics, the rest on the distribution of benefits,” she continues.

For Nicolas Bay, the leader of the FN MEPs, Sophie Montel just wants to take revenge. Joined by the Huffington Post he said: “Six months ago, Sophie Montel would have assured you the exact opposite (…) That there was sometimes a pooling of resources and assistants between elected officials, obviously. each parliamentary assistant respected his employment contract “. But Sophie Montel will not let go and ensures that she is ready to go before the judges to put forward its version of the facts.

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